A man who decided to go commando ended up flashing a convenience store after his trousers fell down during a late night brawl. The unnamed fighter gave onlookers an eyeful while scrapping with another customer at a Wawa shop in Lauderhill, Florida, in the early hours of Monday.

Their fight is said to have erupted after one man held the shop’s door open for the other – only to be met with a rude response. The pair were then filmed throwing punches and rolling around the floor by customer Darien Rollins.

At one point, a Wawa employee tries to separate the two men – only to end up pulled to the ground as well. Rollins quickly saw the funny side of the spectacle, and provided comical commentary that has seen millions watch the fight since he shared it on Twitter.



He could be heard saying: ‘Take him to the sky. Up top chicken box. Pull up your pants, fam….It is 2 in the morning. Just let go. That is all you got to do.’

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Rollins said he didn’t fear for his safety, and said the low-octane fracas ‘wasn’t really a fight.’

He told Local10: ‘They were just kind of hugging each other because his pants were down and it was embarrassing, so I was like you guys could end it now.’

The scrap eventually ended when officers from Lauderhill Police Department showed up.

Neither man opted to press charges – although Wawa have barred them both from the store.

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