A man accused of stalking, choking and trying to rape a stranger claimed the attacker could be his twin brother, a court heard.

The terrified victim fled naked to raise the alarm after being dragged into a Colliers Wood park by Khaled Argoub, a jury was told.

The 21-year-old Algerian allegedly followed the woman from a London Tube train.

But he told police the real attacker could be his twin.

It is claimed he choked her until she blacked out and forced her to perform a sex act on him.

The 21-year-old Algerian allegedly followed the woman from a London Tube train

She escaped by stripping off her jumpsuit to distract him and then running naked to nearby flats to raise the alarm.

Kingston Crown Court heard Argoub was caught on CCTV and his DNA was found under the victim’s fingernails.

Prosecutor Charlotte Newell said the woman was walking down the middle of a dimly-lit road for her protection when she spotted a man behind her.

“He smirked at her then ran towards her,’’ she said.

“He put her neck in an arm-hold from behind and dragged her into a very dark and wooded area of the park. He was choking her, she struggled to breathe and thought she was going to die.’’

The woman suffered a string of injuries including marks to her neck and haemorrhaging to her eyes consistent with being choked.

Argoub said to police on the night of the attack he was ‘probably in bed sleeping’.

He said he did not know Colliers Wood ‘but his brother might’.

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The culprit ‘maintained that it could be his twin brother’ after being shown the CCTV.

But Ms Newell said the Algerian national had told his housemate he had no other family in the UK.

Argoub denies three sexual assaults and two attempted rapes. 

The case continues.