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A man who glazed a mourner at a funeral is imprisoned for an "unprovoked attack"

A mourner who hit a wine glass against another man's face during a funeral has been imprisoned for eight years.

Max Praia, 36, used the force of shattering glass to push broken pieces back into the victim's face.

The court heard that he stopped only on October 14, last year, when he was separated by a spectator at the Travelers Rest in Cockerton.

The mourner attended the funeral at the crematorium and the awakening at the Cockerton Club.

Prior to Darlington, he was convicted of being injured by a jury with the intention of causing serious physical harm after two hours of deliberation at the Teesside Criminal Court.

He was sentenced to an extended eight-year sentence on Friday and said he would be in prison for at least four years before the parole committee considered whether it was safe to release him. When he leaves the prison, he gets a license for the rest of his sentence.

The trial heard how Praia did not know the victim. The CCTV footage played during the trial is at the moment when two men sit next to each other at a table and look like a "friendly conversation" before Prior launches a "non-provocation" attack. Showed that you are engaged.

At the trial, I heard that "the reason why the victim's eyesight was not permanently damaged was due to a small miracle." After the attack.

During the trial, Praia took the position of a witness and told the jury to act in self-defense without notifying the barrister in advance that this was his claim.

While appearing in a judgment from HMP Durham in an orange prison cleaner polo shirt, Praia told the judge:

'I thought things consisted of left, right, and center, and told the truth. '

Brian Russell, a barrister in Praia, did not ask a question because he had not prepared a defense statement. The prosecution witnesses the submission of evidence during the trial. The

hearing was "unique" in that Praia only gave the jury his side of the story for the first time, and he did not disclose it to his own lawyer. Both the police and the people who work in the judicial system.

In his evidence, Praia claimed that the victim had begun discussions with him, stating: I know you, and I don't want to know you now **** Off before I hit you, you ****'.

CCTV footage of the attack showed blood on the victim's face, but the victim never picked up his head.

The footage played to the jury was captured a few seconds before the judge said it was a "provocative attack with a terrible overreaction to the little perceived." , The victim was talking in the lounge area.

On Friday, the court heard that Prior was previously convicted of misfortune after attacking someone with a baptismal ceremony, an attempted robbery, and possession of offensive weapons.

The judge told Praia that he was at significant risk of being offended again while taking into account his long-term mental health issues, including paranoia:

He said:'The weapon you used and the way you used it was, in my opinion, very dangerous. There is a history of alcohol-related violence. '

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