Bruno Fernandes believes Paul Pogba has helped him to elevate his game to a new level at Manchester United, but that there is still more to come from the duo.

The pair have started the last five games together, all of which have ended in victory for United, and Pogba has been in majestic form since his return from injury.

The World Cup winner has tended to be freed of defensive responsibility and fielded in a more advanced left-wing role recently, meaning he's playing closer to Fernandes, who believes their combination is causing defences new problems.

While much of United's creative burden has previously fallen on Fernandes, the presence of Pogba is giving the opposition another headache.

But Fernandes believes there is still more to come from both himself and Pogba as they get used to playing with each other.

“My relationship with Paul since the beginning, as I met Paul already in Italy, I already know him with much, much relation but, of course, we have a good relationship,” he told a Q&A with United fans.

“I think, on the pitch, there is still to come the best for both of us. We can do much better together. I think we are doing better now because people and players are concerned about who they might mark – we have Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in the same places, the same pockets.

"Sometimes it is difficult for players to find who to mark and who to give freedom and so it’s good for the team. That is the best for us because we know we can help the team playing together.

“I think when you play with the best, your best comes out also. For me, playing with Paul, it’s playing with one of the best players in the world. So I think the best of me comes out and it’s helped me to have those kind of qualities."

Fernandes believes the spirit in the camp is also being improved as a result of games off the pitch, with perudo a particular favourite.

“The good thing is, out of the pitch, we have really, really good relations now with perudo, the game we all play in the team,” he said.

"It’s getting better, the connections with the team, because when you have those kind of connections, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a game of cards, perudo now, and ludo is the one I sometimes play with Fred.

“I think it’s really good for us and the team. You know, sometimes, it’s just five or six of us playing but the rest of the team is watching and saying don’t put that, put this or don’t say that, say this. That’s good for the spirit of the team and it’s really good.

“I think Paul is the one of the players who has a good spirit, good moments in the dressing room. He’s a really funny guy and can always have something good to say to make people laugh.”