Doctors treating a man who was complaining of abdominal pains were shocked to discover he had an entire mobile phone in his stomach.

The unnamed Egyptian patient admitted swallowing the device six months ago but didn’t seek help as he hoped it would pass through his body naturally.

He’d been too embarrassed to come forward but the phone had become wedged in his stomach, blocking food from passing through properly.

His tummy pains got so bad he finally had to seek help and was X-rayed by doctors who spotted the phone inside him.

The man had to quickly undergo immediate surgery for potentially life-threatening injuries including intestinal and abdominal infections.

The operation took place at Aswan University Hospital in the city of Aswan in Upper Egypt.

Mohamed El-Dahshoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aswan University Hospitals, said it was the first time they had seen such a case in which a patient had swallowed an entire telephone, according to United Arab Emirates media outlet Gulf Today.

There is no update on the man’s health status but it is believed that he will make a full recovery. It is currently unclear why he swallowed the mobile phone.

It comes just a month after a 33-year-old man in Kosovo managed to swallow an imitation Nokia 3310.

It was too large for him to digest, and put his life in danger as corrosive battery acid could have leaked out.

Doctors managed to remove it without cutting into the stomach by taking it out in three pieces with endoscopy.

According to the British Society of Gastroenterology, most foreign bodies people swallow pass spontaneously, but 10–20% of cases require endoscopic removal and up to 1% could require surgical extraction or treatment of a complication.

They said that coins, buttons, plastic items, batteries, and bones were common items that were swallowed when they shouldn’t be.

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