A barber who pretended to be a taxi driver to kidnap a woman on her way home from a night out has been jailed after the gruesome details of his lurid plan were laid bare in a court room.

Isaac Mabwa, 33, falsely imprisoned his victim with the intention of sexually assaulting her but he was stopped before he could do so by a brave have-a-go-hero who heard the woman's screams from an unlit car par, the court heard.

Mabwa was convicted by a jury of kidnap, false imprisonment and false imprisonment with intent to commit a sexual offence earlier this year and was jailed for nine years today, My London reported.

Wood Green Crown Court, sitting at Hendon Magistrates' Court, heard Mabwa picked up the woman in a hire car as she made her way home from a night out in central London back in May 2017.

Wood Green Crown Court, sitting at Hendon Magistrates' Court, saw Mabwa jailed for nine years (


Harrow Observer)

She realised he was not a real taxi driver when he started driving in the wrong direction to her home and raised the alarm with friends by sending them her location.

At one point, Mabwa stopped the car to take cocaine, the court heard, but accelerated when she tried to escape.

Mabwa ignored the woman's pleas to take her home and, after an hour-and-a-half, pulled into a remote car park in west London.

The woman sounded the horn and screamed as she tried to fight him off.

She was overheard by a passerby who ran over shouting at Mabwa.

He sped off and the man took a note of the registration plate, which he was able to give to police officers who quickly apprehended the driver.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said: "It is really hard for me to express how I feel. At first I thought time would help me deal with this incident since I consider myself psychologically strong. Since this happened I began to sleep badly. I cannot sleep for more than four hours at a time.

"I used to ask my friends not to leave me alone at any time. Sometimes it's days until I force myself to go out.

"I feel my legs shaking when I am alone and my breathing becomes accelerated just thinking someone could be looking at me.

"I have stopped working. I only go out when I run out of food. I spend most of my time alone at home where I feel calm and safe.

"I no longer like to be touched and I have become unloving."

The court heard that Mabwa, who set up his own "successful" barbershop while on bail awaiting trial, had rum, condoms and baby oil in the car when he was arrested.

At the trial, Mabwa insisted the pair were on a "consensual joy ride" and the victim had been aggressive to him when he refused to take her home.

Paul Walker, defending, said Mabwa had turned to drink after the breakdown of a relationship with his child's mother and "that was a catalyst for these offences for him."

Recorder Rosamund Horwood-Smart QC explained the background and said: "As she tried to contain her panic and get out of the car, you accelerated to prevent her from doing so. She texted for help and gave her location to her boyfriend and another friend.

"You were driving round and stopped at one stage to take cocaine. You had baby oil and condoms with you and you ignored her distress and would not let her go."

The judge said that, after Mabwa's arrest, the victim's belongings were found in his car and on the ground where the struggle had taken place.

The judge recommended that the member of the public who came to the woman's aid in the car park receive a High Sheriff Award for his "great public spiritedness".

Mabwa, of Greenford, west London, will serve two-thirds of his sentence before he is eligible for release.

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