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Man lists his wife for sale while she's on holiday - but she gets the last laugh

Some say the secret to a good relationship is marrying your best friend, and that can often include the cheeky prankster side as well.

Prankster Robbie Mcmillen, 38, and his wife Sarah, 39, have been together for almost 20 years and now have two children in their Gran Canaria home.

Whilst Sarah was away at a festival in April, Robbie unleashed one of his seemingly infamous prank posts about his beloved wife - putting up a hilarious ad offering her for sale on social media.

The post, shared on Facebook on April 17, read: "FOR SALE: Wife for sale.

"Above average condition for year. Great headlights. Flip paintwork. Changes from white during week to orange at weekends.

The Facebook post went viral (


Kennedy News and Media)

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"Good set of tyres. Comes with an additional 100 pairs. Has a bad smell from exhaust every morning but goes away when you open the window.

"Has had a small intermittent whine coming from the top end since I got her. Seems to have got a lot worse the last month though.

"Runs on Coors Light and cocktails seems to disappear when you fill the tank. Excellent smiles per gallon if you keep it topped up.

"Open to offers or may swap. (Ideally for Jennifer Anniston or Imelda May)."

Accompanying the post was an image of Sarah, apparently being refuelled by an espresso martini.

The couple like to play pranks on eacvh other (


Kennedy News and Media)
Sarah was on hliday at the time (


Kennedy News and Media)

While Robbie did not specify a price for Sarah, likely a conscious effort to keep himself out of the doghouse, he did receive a few offers.

The bar owner and DJ said: “It was really only a joke, we're always having a laugh with each other. As you can see by her picture, she's never for sale. She's one in a million. Yes, she's had a few offers, but unfortunately, she's now off the market."

The comedic brilliance of the post was not lost on Sarah, saying that she does indeed have a rather large shoe collection but that it also matches the number of trainers Robbie owns.

Sarah commented: "He's very cheeky. When I spotted the post I just laughed because he does things like that all the time, he's a bit of a prankster. Maybe he just missed me. We've been together for ages and the secret to our relationship is that we're always talking and laughing, we're just best friends.”

She also revealed that Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston and Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May are on Robbie’s ‘allowed list’, whilst hers consists of Leonardo Di Caprio.

One comment said: One wrote: "No one would be able to afford our Sarah Mcmillen, one in a million x"

Someone else wrote: "She is stunning you better watch Robbie she doesn't get in before you and give you away for free lol beautiful couple."

Another shared: "Made me LOL….. Sorry babes but you are punching. Good job Sarah loves you."

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