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Man killed and five stung ‘hundreds of times’ after disturbing massive beehive next to Arizona home

A MAN was killed and five others were stung "hundreds of times" after they were attacked by dozens of bees in a neighborhood in Arizona.

It's reported that they were injured after disturbing a 100lb beehive in Marana County on Thursday.

Several firefighters were attacked and one was hospitalized but didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries, MailOnline reports.

Marana Police Department said: “Bee handlers have killed most of the bees and have removed the hive.

“Although the area is much safer, there are still some lingering bees.”

Cops urged residents to remain cautious as bee swarms are said to be common in Arizona, according to ABC7.

Swarms are attracted to the state’s climate as Arizona tends to have little rainfall and mild winters, according to Ali2day.

Researchers at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center said: “Swarms are generally docile regardless of type as the swarm has no resources (brood, queen, food) to protect.

“They can actually be quite vulnerable during the swarming process, as they are without the protection of a home.”

Africanized honey bees are known for nesting in water meter boxes, old tires, and flowerpots.

Researchers urge Americans to remain at least around 100ft from any African beehive.

The agency warns that bees can become “highly defensive” as they try to protect their hive.

Last month, a giant hornet reportedly capable of killing humans was discovered north of Seattle.

It was the first sighting of the dangerous "murder hornet" in North America this year and prompted scientists to act quickly as they tried to stop the deadly insect from getting a foothold on the continent.

The species originates from Asia and is capable of knocking out local populations of honeybees that pollinate crops while its sting is known to be fatal to humans.

A resident reportedly found a dead hornet last June and reported it to officials who said the dried-out pest appeared to be from a previous season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that around 62 people are killed each year by bee, wasp, and hornet stings.

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