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The guy tattoos to match his peers without telling her-and ruins the sentimental meaning

It's not uncommon to have tattoos that match family, friends, and partners, but in most cases two or more people involved decide on a design together.

But a man withReddithas a different approach when he decides to get a tattoo to match his best friend's tattoo instead of talking to his best friend or coming up with ink. I took. Sharing the meaning at, he instead made acopy of one of her existing tattoos.

A man from the United States said he got a rabbittattooafter showing an artist a photo of his friend's ink for reference. .. Her "crazy". In the

post, he explains: We have been best friends since she had lunch. It's almost strange that we spend the day without spending time together.

He doesn't understand why his friends are upset (stock photo) (


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"About a week ago I went on a single trip with the crew in Las Vegas, and we all went to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo together. I decided to put it in. It was a pretty on-the-fly decision, and the next tattoo I was planning to get was pretty big, so I got a bit blank about what I should get.

"I put in a rabbit tattoo and showed the artist a picture of my friend Jenna's tattoo for reference. We've been friends for years so we've got a matching tattoo Would you like to put it in? I didn't say I had a tattoo because it surprised her and her.

"Today we were going to have coffee and hang out together. I thought it was time to finally surprise her. I took her to her favorite coffee shop, bought us both coffees and I before I showed her my tattoos They grabbed the table and said that the sentimental meaning behind the tattoo was ruined because of her grandfather, and he copied it without her permission.

But he's still wrong because "many friends have matching tattoos" I don't believe it.

He added: To do. She was really angry about it. Apparently, the tattoo represented her grandfather and was very meaningful to her. She reminded me of her and explained that it was very meaningful to me.

"She hit the coffee shop and didn't send text messages or make phone calls today. Why is she upset because many friends have matching tattoos? I'm not sure. "

Post comment The poster was firmly on the side of the male friend, and the female didn't know in advance, so instead of getting a matching tattoo, in fact Claimed to have "stolen" the tattoo.

One person said, "You stole her tattoo. You didn't get her tattoo, you copied her. This is a copy of someone's essay together. It's the same as saying that she worked. Of course she's angry.

"You will permanently steal the art of her body into your body and change her meaning in the process. I don't even know how to fix this because it says. "

Another person added:" Without discussing it with others involved, you have a matching tattoo I can't get it. Why do you think it's a good plan? "

And the third person writes: You and your friend did not get a matching tattoo. You just took a picture of her and went behind her to get a copy of it.

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