A man funded his wedding and paid off his student debt after taking full advantage of a £110-a-year mega meal deal.

Six Flags theme park in Santa Clarita, California, offer an annual pass to their restaurants as well as for their rollercoasters.

Local man called Dylan signed up in 2014 - and he walked there twice a day for seven years to keep himself well fed.

The unlimited year-round access to Six Flags included parking, lunch and a hot evening meal. Taking up the $150 offer, the thrifty electrical engineer has saved thousands.

But there was one drawback - he wasn't eating well during the early years and says what had been on offer 'wasn't healthy at all'.

He says every meal has cost roughly 50 cents - and he's put the saving to good use

Limited options included burger and fries, pizza and breadsticks - plus as much soda as he could drink.

Now there's more of a variety and he says it's been the best decision he has ever made.

Speaking to MEL Magazine, he said: "That entire first year, I don't think I ever went to the grocery store.

"I timed it so I was able to go there during my lunch break, go back to work, then stop back for dinner on my way home.

"One of my co-workers said she spent $1,500 a month on eating out, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm not going down that road!'"

He gets to ride the roller-coasters too - but hopefully before his meals! (


Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

He estimates that he has eaten 2,000 times at the theme park.

That, Dylan calculates, means each meal costs him around 50 cents.

He didn't spend the money he was saving from the bargain grub and instead used it to help pay for his wedding.

The 33-year-old also said he used the rest to pay off his student debt.

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The premium dining pass also includes typical theme park snacks like ice cream, cakes and cookies.

He says he has no plans to change his eating habits after putting down some of the money he has saved on a property nearby.

"We just bought a house here, so I'm not really going anywhere," he added.

"They’ve got decent options now but there is still a lot of bad food, I mean it’s theme park food so you can’t expect too much from them."

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