A gardener and amateur rugby player from Wales came up with a very creative way to entertain his kids during lockdown - and has even been labelled 'dad of the year' for it.

Darren Wilcox, 39, marked out a full football pitch in his 22m by 13m garden for his three children and posted the results to Twitter.

He wrote: "With all this going on and the children missing sport, I thought I'd bring the football to them!"

He explained that the idea came after the coronavirus lockdown was implemented and children whose parents weren't key workers were sent home.

As a result of coronavirus his four-year-old son's football sessions on a Saturday mornings have been cancelled alongside his daughter's gymnastic classes, so he wanted to make sure they were going to stay active.

Darren is planning on turning his garden into a different sports pitch next week

Darren has been marking rugby pitches since he was 16, and currently marks the fields for the club he plays for - Gorseinon RFC.

So, once he got his hands on the pitch marker, he put it to good use in his own garden.

He said the process took longer than he thought - an hour and a half - because he's not used to marking football pitches.

He said: "I’m very happy with how it turned out and it’s given us a chance to all go out and enjoy the great weather.

"It’s important to stay active and healthy especially now that we’re on lockdown - because staying in the house all day is not good for you.

Darren said: "I’m very happy with how it turned out and it’s given us a chance to all go out and enjoy the great weather"

“But next week I think I’m going to turn it into a rugby field and we can switch sports."

His four-year-old Sonny said: "It’s good and I can play all the time.

"It makes me happy."

And his sister India added: "It’s so much fun and I like playing against Sonny."

Darren also owns a gardening business and has offered to convert his customer's garden into their very own mini pitch too.

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Coronavirus outbreak

He said: "As long as there's no contact, and if someone's got the space to do it, we'll happily do it for them. No problem. "

Sports Wales commented on his tweet saying: "Dad of the Year?".

Whilst another person called him a "legend". 

But, it's clear that there's still a bit of work for Darren to do on his own pitch.

He added: "We've actually only got one set of goals. So my kids keep asking me when I'm going to build the other goal!

"It's just a bit of fun."