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Man converts Land Rover into 007-style car & drives it through 8ft-deep pond

A DARING driver converted his Land Rover into a 007-style amphibious car — and drove it through an 8ft-deep pond.

Nathan Gibbons, 34, fitted a snorkel to the engine of the 1987 classic and held his breath for the 15-second soggy stunt.

Nathan, from Chesterfield, Derbys, said: “It only took five minutes with a drain pipe and duct tape to extend the snorkel.

"It already had one on there but we wanted to make it taller so it could go right under.

“I wasn’t nervous at all - it didn’t really bother me. I just said, right I’m going.

"I held my breath, put my hand over my mouth and nose and I had my eyes shut.

“It didn’t really feel like the car was moving. I could just feel the rumbling that it was still running.

"15 seconds feels like a long time when you’re underwater.

“For that 15 seconds you feel like you’re in that James Bond car.

"It’s like a submarine, but because there’s holes in the bottom and the windows are open, the water comes in as quick as you’re driving.

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