Manchester City enjoyed a successful 2020/21 campaign, but defeat in the Champions League final means there's still work to be done in pursuit of European football's biggest prize.

A gradual transition has been witnessed at the Etihad Stadium in recent years, with club legends Vincent Kompany and David Silva moving on.

The same situation has now seen the departure of the club's all-time leading scorer Sergio Aguero, leaving a significant void to fill.

We asked Man City fans for their thoughts on the hunt for a striker, as well as other areas of the field, and the results make for interesting reading.

More than 14,000 City fans responded to our survey and a whopping 85% of those who responded declaring that a striker was needed the most, ahead of full-back at 6% and central midfield at 4%.

Given the choice between Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland and Tottenham's Harry Kane, City fans made their verdict clear.

57% selected Haaland as the man they want their club to sign, with the remaining 43% choosing England captain Kane as their choice.

Despite winning the Premier League title last season and finishing runners-up in the Champions League, 52% of supporters believe 2-3 signings are needed this summer, with 27% wanting 1-2 signings and 17% wanting 3-4 additions.

In terms of what they believe will happen, 43% believe the summer will bring 1-2 new additions, narrowly ahead of the 42% who think the club will welcome 2-3 new signings.

Fans are confident that City will get the players they're after though, with 69% believing the first-choice additions will be secured compared to the 31% that believe otherwise.