A man who built an ‘apocalyptic bunker’ beneath his back garden now has the perfect place to self-isolate amid the killer coronavirus pandemic.

Colin Furze, an inventor, started work on the steel hideaway back in 2015, and admits that he’s glad he’s got a place to go now the entirety of the UK has been told to stay away from others.

The bunker, which is powered by a generator, comes complete with a bed, a kitchen which boasts a microwave and plenty of tinned and dried food, as well as Sky TV and even a drum kit.

There are homely touches too, a door mat at the bottom of the entrance ladders implores visitors to ‘Keep calm and come in’.

Colin had mostly used it as a place to store his latest projects
Colin has been prepared for self-isolation for the past five years

But the presence of a gas mask that Colin also keeps in the bunker reminds you just why it has been built in the first place.

Access to the huge underground structure is through a hidden trap door inside an innocuous-looking wooden shed.

It’s spacious too, measuring 24ft long and 16ft wide, with a ceiling height of 8ft in the middle of the room.

The space is complete with a kitchen, which has a microwave, sink and plenty of tinned and dried food

Colin, 40, who is well known for some wacky inventions, including a driveable hot tub and the world’s fastest mobility scooter described his hideaway the “ultimate underground Apocalyptic bunker.”

Although, at the moment, it’s mostly used as a place to store his latest projects, including a bed with an ejector button, Wolverine claws and a guitar flame thrower.

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Coronavirus outbreak

Colin, from Lincolnshire, said: “After five years it [the bunker] is just as solid as the day it was built.

“I encourage anyone, if you have the space and the money, to build one as it’s a fantastic room to have, especially with the way things are in the world at the moment, I’m pretty glad I’ve got it.”