A woman suspected of faking a pregnancy then murdering her best friend to snatch her newborn daughter has been named as Magen Fieramusca.

Fieramusca, 33, was arrested Friday, hours after a body believed to be Broussard’s was found in the trunk of a car in Houston, Texas. She is due in court on Friday morning.

The missing mom’s one month-old baby daughter Margot was found safe and well nearby, and is currently being cared for by social services.

Broussard’s mother Tammy Broussard told CBS Austin that Fieramusca was a close friend of her daughter’s.

The mother vanished after dropping her older child off at elementary school near her home in Austin, Texas, last week – around 165 miles from where the corpse was found.

Fieramusca’s car was reportedly in the Texan city around the time Broussard was last seen.



Neighbors told KHOU that Fieramusca and her partner had been ‘trying for a baby.’

They described Fieramusca’s partner as ‘nice,’ but said the suspected killer kept herself to herself.

Broussard’s partner Shane Carey put out a tearful appeal after she disappeared.

Police said Friday they do not believe that he is involved in his partner’s disappearance.

Broussard is believed to have returned home to the apartment she shared with Carey after dropping her eldest child off to school.

There were no signs of a struggle there.

Seeing the undisturbed scene, and realizing Broussard had left her other child at school led police to immediately suspect foul play.