Shoppers have deemed M&S’ essentials box ‘disappointing’ as the retailer follows in Morrisons footsteps.

The high street retailer released its own essentials food box this week, after Morrisons’ version sent shoppers into a frenzy last week.

Each M&S box costs £35 and, unlike Morrisons’ version, shoppers will know what they’ll be getting before it arrives - but shoppers haven’t been impressed so far, reports the MEN.

Here’s what’s inside M&S’ essentials boxes:

M&S £35 essentials box
M&S £35 essentials box

While the boxes will undoubtedly be a game changer for many struggling to find essentials, some shoppers have expressed concern over the amount of sugary items in each box, and have called for M&S to make changes.

In the review section of the M&S website, one reviewer wrote: "I agree with other reviewers in that this box is a superb idea but the addition of so many 'sweet treats' is not necessary.

"Basic items would be much more appropriate including things such as long life milk and easy to cook bread."

Another said:"I was pleased to see this initiative but disappointed with the contents. As other reviewers have said , far to many sweet items and not enough fresh produce or chilled ready meals.

"There was not a vegetarian option displayed either."

A third said they would only order “in an emergency” because they “come to M&S for healthy food, because we care about what we eat.”

The reviewer then implored M&S to replace the sweets with fruit and veg.

However, other shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on the new boxes.

One person said: "This is just what I need at the moment, store cupboard essentials that will keep, so no wastage, which could be a problem for some with fresh food.

"Though I'm lucky that local farm shops are delivering fruit, veg and meat boxes in my area. My only suggestion is maybe replace the sweets with tinned fruit or vegetables."

Another said: "I've gone ahead and ordered two of these for family members as surprises. Well done Marks on offering a ready made option to restock at this difficult time.