Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed that her son Roman now needs an inhaler twice a day after he was rushed to hospital.

The former TOWIE star revealed earlier this week that she found her 18-month-old baby, who she shares with Ryan Thomas, blue in his cot.

He was transferred to intensive care and put on a ventilator, and she says he's now back to his "cheeky" self.

But Lucy has admitted that Roman is still suffering from the aftermath of his ordeal, as she tries to get him used to his new inhaler.

She shared a video of Roman playing with the inhaler, while she said: "I'm trying to get him used to his inhaler, he needs it twice a day now but he doesn't like it."

Lucy shared a video of Roman playing with the inhaler (


Lucy is trying to get Roman used to the inhaler (



Lucy then asked him if he wanted to put some stickers on the inhaler, before giving it to one of his teddy bears.

The mum-of-one added: "I am hoping he gets used to it."

She captioned the video: "He now needs an inhaler twice a day but he hates it."

Lucy is yet to reveal the reason what condition Roman was suffering from when he was rushed to hospital.

Roman was rushed to hospital

Lucy said Roman is back to his 'cheeky self' (


Lucy Mecklenburgh Instagram)

On Thursday she explained that Roman's illness was the reason why she had been quiet on Instagram.

She shared a picture of Roman in his hospital bed hooked up to wires.

Lucy told her followers: "As some of you may have noticed we haven't been on social media lately.

"Just over a week ago I found Roman blue in his cot - probably every parent's worst nightmare.

Lucy and Ryan Thomas with Roman

"Without going into too much detail it ended up with Roman being transferred to St Mary's London intensive care being put on a ventilator.

"Thankfully we are now all home and Roman is back to his cheeky self.

"I am eternally grateful to the ambulance service for arriving so quickly, to Basildon hospital, the CATS team (children action transport services) St Mary's London PICU * Cosmic charity (Caring for babies & children in intensive care)."

Lucy thanked the NHS for treating Roman

She added: "Although mentally we as a family may never fully recover, we feel extremely blessed to have our special boy home in our arms and it has truly opened our eyes to all the hardworking superheroes working in our hospitals who dedicate their lives to helping others and how extremely lucky we are to have these incredible medical services free for us all in the UK.

"Thank you NHS and all the charities that support the NHS."

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