A loving father was found dead by his brother at an East Yorkshire industrial estate after struggling to cope with problems surrounding his business.

Jon-James Leng, 49, of Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died on the morning of January 4 at his workplace in Wardles Industrial Estate, Howden.

At an inquest into his death on Monday, Hull Coroner’s court heard how Mr Leng had spent months suffering from anxiety and depression centred around his caravan manufacturing business Dream Mobile Homes Limited.

In a statement read out in court his wife said: “Jon was a great father, husband and brother and I suspect he kept his problems to himself to protect his family.”

On the morning of Saturday January 4, Mr Leng left his home to go to work as normal.

Helplines and support groups

His brother, who also worked for the business, began to grow concerned after arriving at work without seeing or hearing from him.

At 11am his brother went for a wander around the site and noticed Mr Leng’s car parked outside one of the units at the back.

He walked towards the container and noticed the door was slightly open.

But on entering the unit he found Mr Leng had taken his own life.

Emergency services were called and paramedics performed CPR but there was nothing they could do and Mr Leng was pronounced dead at 11.20am.

Jon-James Leng was born in Hartlepool on January 6 1970.

He met his wife in Bridlington in the late 1990s and started his business after being asked to build a mobile home for someone while working in Tadcaster.

The couple bought their house in Middleton-on-the-Wolds together in 2004 before getting married a year later.

Soon after, Mr Leng moved his business into the site at Howden and him and his wife started a family.

His brother described him as “a very private person who would only discuss issues once they had got serious.”

The court heard that Mr Leng’s mental health issues first surfaced in November 2018 when he “became quiet” and it appeared “his thoughts were somewhere else.”

Then in May 2019, it became apparent to Mrs Leng that her husband’s business had issues after he approached a family member asking for advice.

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In the weeks that followed he suffered a breakdown and was referred to the crisis team.

Having engaged been prescribed anti-depressants and engaged with mental health professionals Mr Leng "appeared to pick up".

But in December, he suffered another setback and things “came to a head” when it was suggested his business should take voluntary insolvency.

Taking Mr Leng’s struggle with mental health and professional problems into account Area Coroner Rosemary Baxter recorded a conclusion of suicide and extended her personal condolences to his family.