A dad was allegedly killed in the street during a 'ferocious' attack after arranging to fight with a love rival to 'sort things out'.

William Doleman, 27, and his friend Ademola Efunnuga, 26, deny the murder of Alan Murphy in Moston, according to Manchester Evening News.

Lisa Hough, 43, who was the partner of 39-year-old Mr Murphy and had a previous relationship with Mr Doleman, denies assisting an offender by reportedly helping them "cover their tracks".

Prosecutor Tim Storrie QC told Manchester Crown Court : "Mr Doleman and Alan Murphy were rivals for the affection of a woman named Lisa Hough."

Jurors also heard how Mr Murphy had seen Ms Hough with Mr Doleman's dog prior to the incident.

Mr Storrie said that this was 'not well received' by Mr Murphy, who believed that she had met up with her ex.

"It appears to have forced him to the conclusion that his relationship with Lisa Hough was effectively over," Mr Storrie said.

Mr Murphy and Mr Doleman exchanged 'threats' in the early hours of February 18, and had agreed to meet up and fight.

Mr Efunnuga, who had been in the city centre, travelled to Moston after being called by his friend.

At about 4.30am, the pair were seen near Mr Murphy's house on Whitstable Road, while he was around the corner on Teddington Road and they became involved in a confrontation.

Mr Storrie said it appeared all three men were armed.

Manchester Crown Court
Manchester Crown Court

He said that Mr Doleman and Mr Efunnuga armed themselves to 'overwhelm' Mr Murphy and inflict 'at the very least very serious injury'.

"Fuelled by that intention, the defendants carried out what you may think was an unsparing and ferocious attack upon him," Mr Storrie told jurors.

Mr Murphy suffered stab wounds, with one which went into his left arm causing rapid blood loss, and proving fatal.

He fought back during the 'sustained' attack, but was later pronounced dead at hospital, prosecutors said.

Ms Hough was also present nearby to 'watch', jurors heard.

Mr Doleman and Mr Efunnuga ran away and a taxi was booked to Newton Heath under a false name.

Mr Efunnuga returned to the city centre and disposed of blood stained clothes, jurors heard.

He had been given a fresh pair of jogging trousers by Ms Hough, prosecutors said.

She was also said to have wiped blood from the walls of her home, and accompanied Mr Doleman to Tesco to buy a new phone.

Mr Doleman and Mr Efunnuga were both later arrested on suspicion of murder.

Mr Doleman told police that he had gone to the scene to 'sort things out'.

He said he was unarmed and had been 'ambushed' by Mr Murphy, and was acting in self defence.

His co-accused Mr Efunnuga said that Mr Doleman had called him at about 4am, and he had advised his friend to seek a 'peaceful resolution'.

He saw the pair fighting and intervened to try and act as a 'peacemaker', the jury was told.

Ms Hough told police that the two men were in a 'panic' after the fight.

Jurors heard she admitted pointing out blood staining on Mr Efunnuga's clothes, and giving him fresh trousers to wear.

She also admitted cleaning the blood from the walls, but said she didn't know the attack was serious.

It is expected that Mr Doleman and Mr Efunnuga will say they were acting in self defence.

Earlier on the first day of the trial, jurors were addressed by trial judge Anthony Cross QC on legal matters in the case.

He told them: "It is important that you understand from the outset, that the fact that Mr Murphy consented to a fight is not, and I repeat not, a defence to murder."

Mr Doleman, of Rossington Street, Newton Heath, and Mr Efunnuga, of Oak Bank Avenue, Moston, both deny murder, while Ms Hough, of Blandford Drive, Moston, denies assisting an offender.