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Love Island viewers criticise show’s ‘manipulative’ treatment of Teddy and Faye

Love Island fans are furious with how producers treated Teddy and Faye in the latest episode.

In Wednesday night’s edition of the ITV2 show (28 July), the girls were sent a postcard of images showing the boys either snuggling up or kissing the new arrivals in Casa Amor.

One such photo reflected Teddy in a bad light despite the fact he has remained loyal to Faye and has been sleeping in the same bed as Jake, who is coupled up with Liberty.

Shortly after the postcard arrived, Faye expressed her disgust with Teddy and suggested she would potentially explore a romance with Dale, who joined the show earlier this week.

She also said she would not mind if Teddy returned to the villa to be with Faye after she had decided to couple up with someone else, because it’s “not [her] problem”.

Liam, who is coupled up with Millie but has been entertaining a new romance with Lillie, was let off with a far more innocuous image than Teddy’s.

This has caused viewers to criticise the show’s treatment of Teddy. They are now urging ITV2 to tell Faye it was merely a ploy to cause drama among the contestants.

‘Love Island’ stars Faye and Teddy

“Hi @LoveIsland producers...pls fix this Faye and Teddy thing abeg, you are misrepresenting a loyal Black man!!!” best-selling Love in Colour author Bolu Babalola said.

Writer Jason Okundaye added: “Yo @LoveIsland my tweets are keeping your show relevant and if you don’t fix this Teddy and Faye issue immediately I’m going on strike.”

Another viewer wrote: “Never seen manipulation like this on Love Island ever before,” with one fan calling it “dangerous”.

Find a selection of tweets below.

Love Island continues every night, except Saturday, at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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