Love Island star Amy Day’s mum Sian has insisted her daughter is “genuinely” into Hugo Hammond as the pair risk being dumped from the villa.

PE teacher Hugo appeared to friendzone Amy in last night’s explosive episode, stressing he wants to find someone who had a “genuine” connection with.

But both he and Amy, Clarisse and Tyler, and Mary and Sam, are all at risk of being dumped from the island with last night’s episode left on an excruciating knife-edge.

After the three bottom couples stood before the fire pit, the islanders got a text reading: “Two boys and two girls are going home, who goes and who stays will be decided by your fellow islanders”.

However, Amy’s mum is convinced her daughter is not playing a game and really likes Hugo.

“It’s been frustrating not to have seen more of Amy and Hugo’s relationship develop over the last few days because of all the dramas going on, which has been a shame.

"But choosing Hugo and what she chose to say about him came from the heart and I think we saw her feelings are entirely genuine,” Sian stressed in an interview with The Sun.

Amy and Hugo got together in Casa Amor, but now risk being dumped from the island

“She’s had zero luck on the dating front so Love Island was a great opportunity for her to try and meet someone...

"Unlike the other girls, Amy isn’t a model or influencer and is completely unheard of, she entered the villa on a genuine basis to try and find love.”

Viewers have become increasingly frustrated with Hugo and some fans of the show have accused him of being boring.

Hugo and Amy kiss but he believes their relationship has gone 'dry'

But the main accusation thrown at him is that he’s been enjoying a free holiday rather than developing any meaningful relationships in the villa.

The unlucky-in-love Islander originally coupled up with Sharon at the beginning of the series, before partnering up with Chloe, then going back to Sharon.

However, Sharon was dumped when newcomer AJ picked Hugo during a shock recoupling and then she was eventually evicted from the villa when the boys decided to send her packing.

However, after a productive stint in Casa Amor, Hugo finally met his match in Amy, and the pair returned to the villa, with the teacher stating that he had a “spark” with the stunner.

Hugo has been unlucky in love in the villa

But last night, during a tense conversation with Teddy, Hugo confessed he was struggling to connect with Amy and stressed there was “something missing” in their relationship.

"I think I'm a man who knows what he wants,” Hugo told Teddy.

He later confessed in the Beach Hut: "I want somebody genuine. It would be very easy for me to be a yes man.”

And Hugo didn’t waste any time in airing his concerns with Amy as he accused of not chatting to him every much.

Hugo and Amy chat by the pool before he started having doubts about his love-interest

The 24-year-old said he felt the couple’s conversation had turned “dry” and worriedly admitted "I can't even count on my fingers how many losses" he's had in the villa.

"You haven't pulled me for a chat,” Hugo said to Amy.

"I think I've pulled you enough," replied Amy. "When people are together, it shouldn’t be about 'pulling' people for a chat."

However, Hugo was far from happy and added: "I don't think you've been trying and you don't think I've been trying.”