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Love Island spoilers: Faye and Chloe friendzone Sam and Dale – as Toby shocks islanders with his feelings for Chloe

IT'S been a crazy couple of days in the Love Island villa and now the dust has settled a bit the Islanders are busy sorting out the mess they made during Casa Amor week.

In tonight’s installment of the ITV2 dating show both Faye and Chloe friendzone Sam and Dale, while Toby once again shocks everyone by revealing he still likes Chloe.

Now that Teddy’s back in the main Villa, Faye decides it’s best to end things with Sam - especially after they shared a romantic kiss. 

She tells him: “Obviously Teddy’s come back and it’s been super difficult to see him around and not want to go and speak to him and not want to do that and be on the same page as what we were before. If it wasn’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I’ve got to be brutally honest with you, we did have…”

Interrupting, Sam says: “I get it honestly, you don’t need to explain yourself.”

Before Faye continues: “We did have a kiss.”

Sam asks: “You did what?”

Faye continues: “It’s confirmed things for me that my feelings for Teddy are still definitely there and that they didn’t ever really go away. For that reason, I’m going to sleep on the daybed tonight.” 

Chloe has a similar discussion with hunky Scott Dale, telling him: “Obvs we coupled up on vibes. Out of all of the six boys, I did vibe with you the most. But, I think, it’s just friends.”

 She’s unaware that Toby is also looking at his recoupling and thinking of returning to her again. 

Leaving everyone gobsmacked, the confused footballer  tells Jake and Tyler: “I’m in a place where I'm with Mary, brought Mary back, didn’t expect Abi to be by herself, but she’s by herself. She seems like she still wants to get to know me, but my head is with... Chlo.”

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He continues: “I walked down with Mary and obviously, I was like, ‘Agh, Abi’s by herself, what the f***’. But then in the corner of my eye, I’m like, ‘Chloe’s with someone as well’. I’m like, ‘Woah, I don’t like that’. 

“I knew that was going to happen, I knew she was going to be with someone. But I didn’t know I was going to feel the way I felt. Which in myself says a lot about how I feel towards the girl. It’s not dead in my eyes. So, that comes to the point of, if I don’t try, will I regret not trying?”

Toby was with Kaz, but dumped her for Chloe, who he then ditched when Abigail arrived - but he left her when he met Mary in Casa Amor.


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