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Love Island’s Paige Turley teaches Finn Tapp more Scottish lingo as they snuggle up in bed

LOVE Island's Paige Turley taught Finley Tapp more Scottish lingo as they snuggled up in bed.

Finn has been spending time with his Love Island co-winner after travelling all the way to Scotland to isolate with her.

Since then, Paige has been doing her best to teach the Milton Keynes boy Scottish words - including the one for sandwich.

The pair cuddled in bed, as Paige said: "Ayy so you have a piece. A piece in your lunch box."

Finn replied: "A piece of what."

She explained: "A piece of ham, a piece of crisp, a piece of tuna. It's a piece like a sandwich. You would say like, ya mam makes you a ham piece for your lunch box."

Finn didn't get it, replying: "Mum can I have a ham sandwich please."

Two weeks ago she tried to get her boyfriend to understand "Scottish patter" by making him watch episodes of Still Game.

The singer, from Fauldhouse, West Lothian, recruited pesky pensioners Jack and Victor to help the Milton Keynes lad understand Scots slang.

Sharing snaps of him watching the BBC sitcom, she said: "Boy will understand Scottish patter.

"Teaching Finley Tapp the way with Still Game."

Paige famously made Winter Love Island viewers proud for telling amateur footie star Finn not to be a bawbag during the early days of their villa romance.

Both of the Love Island stars still haven't been paid their share of the £50,000, according to Paige.

for telling amatuer footie star Finn not to be a bawbag during the early days of their villa romance.

Love Island's Paige Turley reveals Finn Tapp ignored government advice and drove six hours to go into coronavirus quarantine with her

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