Millie Court is in tears during tonight's explosive recoupling on Love Island.

In a dramatic first look, Millie admits she isn't sure whether Liam has stayed faithful to her, but is hopeful that he has.

The clip cuts before viewers are able to see whether Liam has walked in with another girl, but they can later be heard saying "what the f***?" while Kaz appears to question: "Is this some kind of joke?"

While another girl asks: "What the f*** is wrong with you?"

Millie is close to tears on Love Island this evening during the recoupling (



Host Laura Whitmore had asked Millie: "Do you think he's stayed loyal to you when he's at Casa Amor?"

"I don't know," she replied. "I can't say yes. I hope he has but..."

Millie shrugged he shoulders and looked as though she might cry, while the boys sitting down looked noticeably awkward.

During his time at Casa Amor, Liam has been getting close to new girl Lillie and the pair have even enjoyed a snog.

Toby looks down and looks very uncomfortable (



Meanwhile, Millie has continued to sleep outside on the daybeds, not in a bed with another boy, out of respect for her relationship with Liam.

When the postcard arrived with a picture of Liam sleeping in a bed with another girl, Millie was concerned - but the girls insisted that she had nothing to worry about.

Unlike other boys like Tyler, Teddy and Toby, Liam hadn't been pictured kissing another girl.

However, unfortunately for Millie, Liam has more recently been snogging Lillie on the daybeds, which he said was a result of his "head saying yes but his heart saying no".

Hugo also looks awkward as he stares down at his hands (



While Liam may stick with Millie over Lillie tonight, she will inevitably discover what has been going on in Casa Amor.

Meanwhile, Toby appears to be deeply regretting his decision to recouple with Mary over Abi, who had stayed loyal to him.

As the pair have a chat on the sunbeds as she asks whether Toby likes new girl Mary.

Is Millie about to be left heartbroken? (



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"Yeah," he says making a face. "But I like you as well. I mean, you know that. It's just s***, it's just a s*** situation."

"I'd rather you said you really like her," she replies. "Because then it's not really even worth it."

The pair have a hug and Toby later says in the Beach Hut: "F***! I don't want to live life with regrets but, you know, that was a regret!"

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2