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Love Island’s Liam mortified as he calls Millie the wrong name in awkward scenes

LOVE Island's Liam was left mortified after he gets Millie's name wrong.

During Saturday's episode of Unseen Bits, viewers got to see a glimpse of the once-happy couple before Casa Amor.

While laying on the sunbeds, one of the Islanders asks Abigail what her full name is.

Millie then got an idea and asked: "What's my last name Liam?"

Liam replied quite confidently: "Crow."

His other half started laughing and continued: "Are you serious? What is it?"

Faye asked in disbelief: "Do you not know her surname?"

Liam then tried: "C. It starts with C."

Eventually Millie reveals it's Court, but Liam still couldn't get the hang of pronouncing it properly.

Liam then gave her a big hug as they rolled around on the bed, saying: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've been caught out."


However, the happy scenes are a far-cry from the show's most recent episode, which saw Millie and Liam off speaking terms.

Fans watched in horror as Lillie spilled the beans on her 'connection' with Liam just moments after he reunited with Millie.

As Millie watched in shock, Lillie told Love Island host Laura Whitmore: "I feel I had a good connection the second I got in there and I feel it was very reciprocated.

"Very 50/50...and I'm surprised Im standing here right now."

Confirming her connection was with Liam, she went on: "I feel the actions were pretty equal. We shared a bed together, kissing outside of challenges."

Liam then grinned as Millie replied: "Are you f***ing joking?"

Millie told Liam he was "disgusting" while he smirked and whispered: "I'll talk to you later. I'll talk to you later."

Ignoring him, Millie shot back: "You should have just come back with her, shouldn't you?"

But rather than apologise, Liam shrugged his actions off and insisted that he had explained to Lillie that he was with Millie when they grew close in Casa Amor.

Millie later broke down in tears to the girls as what she'd heard began to sink in.

"We sat there and I was so happy and then it just switched. Like, I've gone from being the happiest I've been in the past four days and now I'm f***ing crying," she sobbed.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. He's fake. He obviously didn't think what we had was good enough."

Love Island's Liam reunites with Millie after ditching shocked Lillie - but he has a LOT of explaining to do

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