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Love Island Jack sets Page aside for an emergency midnight chat after reunion

Love IslandJack is set to spend the night with Page in tonight's episode.

NewITVSpoilers revealed in an article on Sunday's ITV2 reality show that Jack was quietly pulling Page to chat on the stairs.

In a chat that didn't wait until morning, Jack opens the door to Page about how he really feels.

During Friday's recovery, Jack was visibly smoking after Jay decided to pair with Page.

As the pair sat down, Jema was seen glaring at Jay, apparently hoping to deepen his connection with Page himself.

Love Island Jack is set to spend the night with Page in tonight's episode (


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But at the end of the Friday night episode, Page Reached out and stroked Jack her hands as they lay in separate beds while the rest of the group fell asleep.

Page seems to be involved in a love triangle. In the Sunday episode, Jay also asks her to chat.

Jay asks her when her pair sits in the sun lounger with Page. "How are you feeling after the first night sleeping without Jack?"

Jay also chats with Page in the garden , Asked how they felt they were sharing a bed (


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Page Reply: "Oh, that was all good, I enjoyed talking about pillows, it was nice to know each other, do you know what I mean? How about you? ? "

In the second half of the beach hut, Page reveals: Is she open to pursuing things with Jay, or is she sticking to Jack?

Love Island will continue with ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm tonight.