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Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard shows off his impressive weight loss as he strips off in the sunshine

LOVE Island’s Curtis Pritchard looks toned as he shows off his impressive weight loss by sharing a topless snap. 

The hunk looked dreamily away into the distance revealing his rippling pecs and washboard abs as he told fans he was making the most of the sunshine. 

The 24-year-old star wowed fans with his new toned body in the topless snap as he posed on the balcony of his flat. 

One wrote: “Looking in good shape Curtis the hard work has paid off”

“I mean… Wow!! Just look at you! Looking amazing as always! Love it!,” added another.

While a third gushed: “Omg I think I’ve just suddenly got a high temperature absolutely gorgeous.”

Last year, Curtis revealed that he was "fat shamed" into joining Weight Watchers after piling on two stone in the Love Island villa.

He has refused to divulge how much he has lost in total, but said at the time: "I’ve always fluctuated with my weight, and I want to create a healthy living lifestyle, something I can maintain.

"I’ve done crash diets all my life - in one month I could lose a stone and a half and put it all back on again.

"I don’t want that. It’s so bad mentally and physically."

Speaking about his lifestyle overhaul, Curtis told “I’ve always been focused on my diet and body. I haven’t always been focused on it in the correct way, that was the problem.  

“And then going into Love Island, putting on a lot of weight and coming out again and being fat-shamed, it was really the perfect time to become an ambassador for Weight Watchers and join the family.”

The reality star revealed it was difficult leaving the show and seeing all the offensive remarks about his weight. 

He said: “On a truthful note it isn’t nice to say something nasty about someone. It isn’t nice to do and be on the receiving end. But you know what, look at me now.

“I’m so positive and confident in how I look and feel now, I thank them for what they did because they really made you focus and this relationship came together with Weight Watchers. 

“I’m an ambassador and part of the family now so I can only say thank you to them because it changed the way I am. But obviously it’s not nice when that stuff happens and I would never wish that on anyone.”

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