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Love Island Ofcom complaints about Shaughna and Callum triple as furious fans beg producers to step in

THE amount of complaints to Ofcom about Shaugna Phillips and Callum Jones has tripled over night.

Upset viewers have begged producers to step in as they watch a stressed Shaughna, 25, have her heart broken unwittingly by Callum who has moved on to Molly in Casa Amor.

The broadcasting regulator received over three times the amount of complaints last night ahead of the big showdown between the pair this evening.

Thousands have now expressed their upset online and think ITV bosses should step in to prevent any further upset of Shaughna.

One person tweeted: “Personally think the producers should tell Shaughna, her hearts gonna break either way but atleast she could prepare herself, I’m way too invested but she is my fave #LoveIsland.”

Another added:  “Can the producers pls tell Shaughna so she can recouple with Josh #LoveIsland.”

Casa Amor will rejoin the main villa tonight and sparks are set to fly as Callum walks in with new girl Molly Smith.

In a teaser of what is to come Callum says: "Shaughna's going to go f**king mad," Callum says as he admits he is going to recouple with Molly.

"Everyone's going to hate me.”

Meanwhile, Shaughna has no idea what is about to hit her and that she'll be left single in the villa.

The relationship between Callum Jones and Shaughna came under strain as soon as the boys left the villa for Casa Amor.

In the first sign of what is to come Callum didn’t leave anything for Shaughna when he left – while Finn and Luke T did for their girls.

Callum seemed excited to meet some newcomers and quickly honed in on model Molly Smith.

The pair bonded over Manchester - where they both live - and their dogs, and when Molly asked if she could share a bed with Callum he told her to "jump in".

Viewers were left furious as Callum kissed her and admitted he wanted to “rip her clothes off” – but didn’t feel the same about Shaughna.

Back in the main villa Shaughan said she will quit the show if he walks in with another girl.

"I just don't know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa," she said

Adding: "I really did not think I'd be missing him this much."