Things could be about to get super awkward in the Love Island villa.

The show will make history tonight by showing the Islanders clips of themselves on the show for the first time ever.

Stars of the ITV2 dating show are usually blocked from having any contact from the outside world, which includes seeing how they are being portrayed on screen.

In tonight's episode, the boys and girls will be pitted against each other after being invited to a movie night with a twist.

Jake will get a text that reads: "Islanders, Tonight we are treating you to a night at the pictures. #madmovies #21stcenturycocks"

Faye and Teddy (



The boys and girls will have to answer quiz questions in a bid to choose which clip they want to see.

But the challenge could stir up some trouble if the Islanders are seen talking about the others behind their backs or getting up to things their other halves wouldn't appreciate.

Could Millie end up seeing Liam crack onto Lillie in Casa Amor?

Will Tyler see Kaz trying to seductively position herself in his eyeline?

Meanwhile, four Islanders will be dumped from the Island after being voted by viewers into the least three popular couples.

Will Hugo be saved? (



The girls were forced to choose whether to save Hugo, Tyler or Sam from being dumped, while the boys had to decide whether to save Clarisse, Amy or Mary.

Speaking about the boys’ decision Teddy admits: "It was a really hard decision because you’re all amazing girls."

Speaking for the girls, Faye says: "We can honestly say the villa wouldn’t be the same without him."

But who will be staying in the villa and which four Islanders will be packing their suitcases?

Also on tonight's show, Millie will be seen letting Liam back into her bed.

Only one boy and one girl will be saved (



He's been slowly making his way back into her good books.

Tonight, Millie says: "Now we need to sort of go forward together. You obviously still need to prove a lot to me."

He tells her: "I’ll prove it every day."

Millie responds: "I’ve also made the decision that you can sleep in my bed tonight. But there’s boundaries! There’s boundaries, OK. I’ve got my side, you’ve got your side.

"Definitely going to be no cuddles or kisses. It’s just that one step closer to getting to the right place. But you need to respect my decision."

Will Millie see clips of Liam in Casa Amor?

"I completely respect your decision," Liam tells her.

Millie then says: "Obviously, I want you to be in the bed next to me because I have been a bit lonely."

Liam smiles: "That makes me feel good. I’ve missed you in my arms."

"I know," Millie says.

* Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2