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Love Island fans praise Kaz for explosive showdown with Tyler before she broke down in tears over Casa Amor heartbreak

LOVE Island fans praised Kaz for her explosive showdown with Tyler - before she broke down in tears over her Casa Amor heartbreak.

The fall out from Casa Amor continued on Sunday's episode of the ITV2 dating show as Kaz confronted Tyler for bringing Clarisse back to the villa.

Kaz furiously grilled him on why he was sharing a bed and kissing another woman the first night he was in the second villa.

Tyler originally tried to blame the boys, saying: "All the boys are saying, what is wrong with you? And I'm saying, what I've got with Kaz is good, I've reassured her, I've done all this, I've given her my word.

"And they're all sitting there it's a lads holiday. Not that I'm swayed by what other people are saying."

Kaz replied: "Pick your words carefully, because what I'm about to hear I was in this mind and the boys made me do it."

Tyler said: "It sounds s***. It sounds s*** don't get me wrong. But, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? And you're there grilling me in front of everyone."

Kaz says: "Grilling you in front of everyone, what did I say? You came into the villa-"

Tyler interrupts with: "For you."

But Kaz didn't back down, as she said: "For me. But clearly not because you've cracked onto someone else. You've given me no reason to doubt you. At all. At all.

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"When I saw the picture, what do you want me to do? I saw you in bed with another girl, kissing her. Have you seen that picture?"

Tyler tried to argue back: "Yeah I've seen that picture. It's not good."

Kaz then went in for the kill: "It isn't good. You came in here and fed me bull****. You did. You painted me the biggest dream. And seeing that picture hurt me. It really did. Had I not seen that picture I wouldn't have done anything "

And the fans were fully behind Kaz in the argument, with one person saying: "Tyler saw Kaz as a meal ticket. He didn’t care about her or want her. The way he grafted and flirted with Clarisse wasn’t even close to the non-romance he gave Kaz. Everything Kaz said was straight facts."

Another added: "kaz is making point after point after point and tyler has absolutely nothing to say for himself"

A third remarked: "The way Kaz bodied that conversation while looking 10000/10. An enraged baddie!!"

A fourth said: "Tyler is a VERY mad person. I hate when men try and act like a victim when they’ve done wrong and don’t want to confronted."

Tyler is 'smug' in front of Kaz before being shocked by Casa Amor postcard reveal on Love Island

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