Love Island viewers were left feeling awful for Sam Jackson on Monday night.

The new Casa Amor hunk was one of three boys to survive the recoupling and found himself paired with fiery Faye Winter.

However, Faye had only considered recouping with Sam when she believed that Teddy Soares had betrayed her in Casa Amor.

Yet, when Teddy returned to the main villa alone to be with Faye and made clear that he had never given up his commitment to her, she was left in a difficult position.

Despite sharing a bed with Sam, Faye went on to kiss Teddy and reconcile with him.

In tonight’s episode, Faye and Sam had an honest chat and she revealed that she wished to pursue her romance with Teddy.

Faye Winter dumped Sam Jackson on Monday's Love Island (



Faye revealed: "Obviously Teddy’s come back and it’s been super difficult to see him around and not want to go and speak to him and not want to do that and be on the same page as what we were before. If it wasn’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

"I’ve got to be brutally honest with you, we did have…”

Sam said: “I get it honestly, you don’t need to explain yourself.”

Faye then reveals: “We did have a kiss.”

Sam asks: “You did what?”

Sam was visibly disappointed as Faye broke off a chance of romance (


Faye admitted that she and Teddy had kissed and she would be pursuing a romance with him (



Faye continues: “It’s confirmed things for me that my feelings for Teddy are still definitely there and that they didn’t ever really go away. For that reason, I’m going to sleep on the daybed tonight.”

A clearly hurt Sam, however, handled things very nicely. He assured Faye of his support for her doing what she needed to do.

Despite being pleased with Faye and Teddy’s reconciliation, viewers at home were saddened for Sam but heartened by his support for Faye.

One viewer tweeted: "i feel bad for sam i actually really like him he seems nice #LoveIsland ".

Love Island fans spoke of their sadness for Sam and wish he'd been in the villa longer (



Another fan noted: "Mehn, I feel so sorry for Sam. He was lowkey pissed #LoveIsland ".

Meanwhile, one Love Island fan commented: "One of those girls better get a grip of Sam...he's the best lad in there #LoveIsland ".

Elsewhere, a different viewer noted: "Also, does anyone feel sorry for Sam when Faye casually dropped the “we kissed”. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? #LoveIsland ".

Finally, one Love Island viewer concluded: "Obviously glad that Teddy and Faye are back together, but Sam would have been a real fave if he'd been in from the start, we've missed having someone in the villa with his energy #LoveIsland ".

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