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Love Island fans discover Casa Amor is a field away from the main villa after noticing islanders can hear each other

LOVE Island's luxury Casa Amor is separated from the main villa by just a small field and a few trees.

Fans of the show discovered just how close the two properties after doing some detective work and finding an aerial shot of the neighbourhood.

The close proximity of the villas got them excited, and they claimed the islanders would be shocked if they knew.

One viewer wrote: "Main Villa and Casa Amor are super close together! Mike commented last night 'let them hear us'.. well this is why! The girls have no clue where the boys are 🙈 If only they knew!"

Another quizzed: "Do the girls know though? I think Shaughna would be Screaming "Callum! You better not!"

While a third came up with a spectacular scenario involving Callum and Shaughna.

They posted: "I'd f***ing love it if Shaughna went mental, escaped at night and ran through all trees in the dark to confront Callum lmao."

Earlier this week the boys were sure they could hear the girls celebrating winning a challenge giving them an indication they weren't far away.

Tonight's show will be unmissable as Callum and Shaughna  are set to reunite in an epic showdown.

The Casa Amor cohort will rejoin the main villa and sparks are set to fly as Callum walks in with new girl Molly Smith.

In a teaser clip the boys in Casa Amor get a text saying that there will be a recoupling before they rejoin the main villa.

"Shaughna's going to go f**king mad," Callum says as he admits he is going to recouple with Molly.

"Everyone's going to hate me," he adds.

Meanwhile, Shaughna has no idea what is about to hit her and that she'll be left single in the villa.

While Callum was away chatting up Molly, Shaughna was missing her man and even hinted that she wanted him to make their relationship official.

"If Callum does come down on his own  I will literally say to him, 'We need to have a discussion,'" she said.

"If it was more official I wouldn't stress as much."

But Callum wasn't thinking of Shaughna in the same way and told Molly: "I don't want to potentially throw something away that I think is special just because I might hurt someone's feelings in the process."

Earlier this week, fans were outraged as the scaffolder admitted it's "out of sight, out of mind" as he cracked on with Molly in Casa Amor.

He told Molly that his head would only get turned for "someone special" before giving her a proper snog on tonight's episode.

Meanwhile, Shaughna said she will quit the show if he walks in with another girl.

"I just don't know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa," she said

Adding: "I really did not think I'd be missing him this much."

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