Furious fans have blasted Love Island bosses for risking Teddy Soares and Faye Winter’s mental health by trying to split them up.

Viewers took to social media during Friday night’s brutal show to slam execs for ­orchestrating distressing scenes between the pair.

Faye had admitted her feelings for Teddy before he was whisked off to second villa Casa Amor. She then dumped him after producers “manipulated” a postcard to make it look like he cheated. Faye then re-coupled with new boy Sam Jackson.

One Twitter user accused ITV2 of “playing games with their mental health”.

The outcry comes despite show bosses insisting they had stepped up safeguards after two ex-contestants took their own lives.

Teddy had been loyal to Faye while he was in Casa Amor

Faye regretted hooking up with Sam when Teddy returned to the villa, clutching the teddy bear she had given him.

In emotional scenes, she wept as Teddy comforted her, saying: “You’re not the only one that let your guard down.”

But while Faye and Teddy, both 26, were quick to forgive, many fans ­remained enraged.

One blasted both Love Island and ITV2, posting: “The producers took a good man and a broken woman, and intentionally hurt them both. Let’s stop pretending they are taking steps to protect Islanders’ mental health.”

Faye had admitted her feelings for Teddy before he was whisked off to second villa Casa Amor (



Another shared a picture of a complaint to Ofcom, which read: “It is disgusting how they messed with this man, he is devastated... this could cause problems for his mental health.”

One post suggested Teddy had been made out to be the villain and accused the show and ITV2 of ­being the “real villains”.

Another said: “F*** the producers for ruining what they had.”

The triggering post card which was sent into the main villa (



But one viewer was more admiring of the showmakers, saying: “Gotta give it to producers, they’re sick in the head for manufacturing these situations but that might have been the best hour of reality TV I’ve sat through.”

Teddy and Faye’s slow-burn romance has had fans hooked due to her trust issues.

And despite being at Casa Amor, financial consultant Teddy refused to share a bed with another girl and repeatedly said he missed Faye.

Despite being at Casa Amor Teddy refused to share a bed with another girl and repeatedly said he missed Faye (



Faye was pining for him in the main villa until she got the postcard, not knowing it was taken in a game of Truth or Dare and Teddy had been loyal.

But the row could work in the pair’s favour as fans now want them to win. One even said they deserved the £50,000 first prize as “compensation” for their agony.

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said she could “totally understand” viewers’ fury.

There was also heartbreak for Millie who was betrayed by Liam in Casa Amore (



She said: “Producers promised to up their game to a gold standard of contestant welfare and duty of care in this series. Yet they pull a stunt like this, which leaves viewers conflicted between enjoying the jeopardy but ­fearing the outcome.”

The show had repeatedly come under fire after the suicides of former contestants Mike Thalassitis, 26, in 2019, and Sophie Gradon, 32, in 2018.

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Before this season, ITV said it would be implementing rigorous duty of care protocols to support Islanders before, during and after their stint in Majorca.

But reality show veteran Mario Falcone said the show itself – not just the aftercare – “was the problem” and bosses did not care about the Islanders.

Mario, 33, who appeared in The Only Way Is Essex and Celebrity Big Brother, said they offered aftercare “to tick a box, not because they give a s***”.

He added: “The whole thing that’s going on with Casa Amor... it’s the same problem. It’s playing on people’s ­emotions and their mental health.”

ITV did not respond to our requests for comment.