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Love Island blunder as bosses use picture of Eve to tell fans to vote for Jess

LOVE Island have mixed up identical twins Eve and Jess Gale on their app.

Their arrival as bombshells last week caused a storm in the villa and islanders couldn't tell the difference between the two sisters when they came in - and it's clear that bosses of the show can't either.

Eve, 21 who was the first islander to be kicked out of the villa took to Instagram to show her followers the huge mistake.

She uploaded a print screen of the voting app and captioned the blunder: "@loveisland you've made a mistake that photo is of me not Jess," alongside a laughing emoji.

She continued: "But everyone vote for my sister using the #loveislandapp even though that's my picture."

Viewers of the popular ITV2 dating show are currently using the app to vote for two girls to go on dates with new boys - Luke Trottman, 22, and Luke Mabbott, 24, - and it looks like Eve is getting her followers to vote for her sister so that she can stay in the villa a little bit longer.

The VIP hostess, who studies Geography at Kings College London, was booted off the show last week after the shows first recouping - which left the twins distraught at the fact that Jess had to carry on with the show alone.

The boys had the power to send one girl home and Finn decided to couple with Paige, Callum and Mike reunited with their original partner's Shaughna and Leanne, and Connagh stole Sophie from Connor, who then went on to pick Siannise.

Jess and Eve were the last girls standing and Nas Majeed had the power to send one of the girls home - and in the end he decided to couple up with Jess which sent Eve home.

During his speech about the reasons he decided to pick Jess, he explained: "First and foremost I would like to say it's a very difficult decision for me.

"I've got to know both of them very well over the past week, however, I would like to couple up with this girl because I feel like I have spent slightly more time with them and know them better.

"So the girl I would like to couple up with is.... Jess."

However, before Jess had even coupled up with the builder, fans of the show accused Jess of using Nas to stay in the villa after she was rejected from police officer Mike Boateng, 24.

Jess entered the villa with no care in the world if she was going to step on anyone's toes during her time on the show and went on to couple up with the hunk.

However, she soon realised that the police man only had eyes for the 22-year-old customer service advisor, Leanne Amaning.

Realising that she had no chance and there was a possibility she could be sent home, the student pulled Nas aside for a chat and said: "I don't think we're in the same position but it's kinda similar in that you're in a couple and you're not really feeling it and I'm in a couple where it's not a couple basically.

“With the recoupling round the corner, obviously we both want to meet someone in here, how would you feel to being open to what happens?”

Nas replied: “Absolutely. I appreciate that you're forward and you say what you think and communication is so key for me.”

Jess then went to the beach hut to explain her decision in wanting to couple up with the sports science graduate.

She said: "He's always saying nice things and making people laugh. I would like to keep my options open."

However, fans were quick to judge her action as one viewer tweeted: “Jess issa desperado. She’s making Nas her backup bae already! #LoveIsland.”

A second said: "Jess is really using Nas as a ticket to stay  #loveisland."