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Love Island Australia’s Phoebe Thompson snogs Cassie Lansdell in raunchy kissing game as the pair hit it off

LOVE Island Australia's Phoebe Thompson and Cassie Lansdell snogged in a raunchy kissing game tonight.

The boys were surprised as Phoebe shunned them all while playing Cupid's Arrow in favour of a kiss with Cassie.

The islanders each had to throw an arrow at a spinning wheel adorned with the faces of their fellow contestants. Whoever the arrow landed on was who they had to kiss.

But if they hit the love-heart bullseye then they had a choice of whoever they liked.

Before throwing her arrow, Phoebe said: "I'm aiming at the middle and I'll probably make my decision at the last minute."

She hit the bullseye, turned away from the lads and went over to Cassie for the passionate snog.

Afterwards, Cassie said: "I would have done it for longer, but then I was a bit like Gerard was probably watching me and feeling like 'OK', so we kept it at a good five-and-a-half seconds."

In the beach hut a surprised Eoghan Murphy said: "Oh my days, Phoebe and Cassie, we didn't see that one coming, did we."

Eoghan probably had the second most memorable kiss of the night as partner Jessie leapt into his arms and gave it all she had.

Later in the episode Cassie and Phoebe agreed to get to know each other better after Gerard made it clear he was interested in pursuing new girl Anna.

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