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Love Island 2021 spoilers – Millie tells Liam to ‘get used to sleeping elsewhere’ as she remains defiant

Love Island 2021's Millie will remain defiant tonight after ditching Liam, warning him that he won't be returning to her bed.

Liam wakes up in the day bed after Millie booted him out following her bombshell one-on-one with Lillie about Casa Amor.

Asking how he slept, Liam tells Millie: "I had a terrible night's sleep."

Millie replies: "Aw, that's good." She then frankly tells her ex: "Get used to sleeping out...somewhere other than here."

Meanwhile, Faye lets Sam down tonight as her first flame, Teddy, is back in the villa.

She tells him: “Obviously Teddy’s come back and it’s been super difficult to see him around and not want to go and speak to him and not want to do that and be on the same page as what we were before. If it wasn’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t be in this situation."

Elsewhere, Toby is set to reveal he still likes Chloe...which sees Dale getting friend-zoned.

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    Millie made me chuckle in a preview clip of tonight's Love Island.

    Liam emerges from the lounge, where he has kipped on the day bed, and tells Millie he had a "terrible night's sleep".

    Millie replies, "Aw, that's good", adding that she slept really well.



    Former Love Island winner Amber Gill has got Toby's back.

    The star, who won the 2019 series with Greg O-Shea, thinks his U-turn/ Love Square antics are "harmless".

    Speaking on Instagram last night, Amber said: "I love Toby because I think he's so harmless. He's very unaware. I don't think he's ever actually experienced relationships before.

    "It's very interesting to watch and I don't think I've ever seen a square on Love Island but I'm here for it."


    Again, yet another masterpiece of a meme regarding the Toby U-Turn sitch.

    Everyone loves a Toby...Carvery, right?


    Millie Court is said to currently have the most earning potential out of this year's Love Island stars.

    The blonde now has more than half a million Instagram followers, meaning she will be able to command a decent wedge when advertising products on her grid.

    According to research by, Millie might be able to snare herself an eye-watering £13,000 per post.

    Liberty, meanwhile, apparently has the earning potential of £12,800.

    It's no wonder so many people apply to be on this show.....


    Eagle-eyed Love Island fans spotted Hugo laughing about Millie being left brokenhearted by Liam - and they're NOT happy.

    Hugo was so quick to preach when Toby suddenly ditched Chloe for Abi in the early days...yet it seems he doesn't quite have every girl's back.

    One viewer wrote on Reddit: "Hugo is so wayward when it comes to his morals I've realised which is fine whatever but I don't know who he thinks to think he is any better than Toby now.

    "Him being so outspoken and defending Chloe against Toby publicly almost borderline humiliating Toby, it's so hypocritical of him to now just stand back and watch the boys be debaucherous. (sic)”

  • 'SO PROUD'

    As mentioned earlier, Kaz will come to blows with Tyler again during tonight's episode of Love Island.

    Their heated exchange ends with Kaz storming off, declaring: "You f***ing crack on. I’ve had enough. 100 per cent. I’m not doing this with you."

    Kaz's sister, who is running her Instagram account while she is in the villa, has said: "So proud of the way she carries herself 🤩🙌🏾👑 More intense conversations tonight!"


    So Toby will make a huge U-turn tonight and admit he still has the hots for Chloe...but it appears the feeling could be mutual.

    In an exclusive clip of tonight's episode, Chloe, 25, sits on a daybed with Hugo and Liberty, and confesses: "We had a chat the other day. It's hard man because I actually think I have more feelings there."

    "So what, you want to go back to Toby?" asks Liberty.

    Chloe replies: "Well I'm not saying that, Jesus Christ I'm just saying like, when you go from one extreme to another, you don't get over it in a matter of days."

    It's a wonder the other Islanders can keep up, tbh.


    Liam Reardon's family have polled his Instagram followers to see whether they believed Lillie's side of the story last night.

    The blonde was seen having a one-on-one with Millie about what, in her own words, really went down in Casa Amor.

    But despite most of their short-lived 'connection' playing out to the nation, it seems - when it comes his own fans - they've got Liam's back.


    Toby is definitely proving to be good value, as fans are gripped - and highly bemused - by his new 'love square'.

    Some viewers have even suggested he has been planted by show bosses just to keep us all on our toes.

    If this did ever turn out to be true (I don't think it is, but would be an excellent plot twist), this fan makes a worthy suggestion: "Toby deserves a raise. 😂 Pure entertainment."

    How does £9 an hour and some free LI merch sound, Tobes?


    A sneak peek at tonight's episode of Love Island has revealed that Kaz has an almighty row with Tyler.

    The fashion blogger will be seen confronting her ex about his "scrambled head" and all hell breaks loose.

    After coming to blows, Kaz tells him: "You f***ing crack on. I've had enough. 100 per cent. I'm not doing this with you."

    She then storms off. Cannot wait.


    Not only was the nation left cringing at Toby's U-turn in last night's preview, his own SISTER was feeling rather red-faced too.

    Toby is now in a love square (apparently they do exist) with Chloe, Abi and Mary, and his sibling is a little mortified for him.

    Speaking on last night's After Sun, she said: “It’s embarrassing for him to be honest."

    Inclined to agree. Oops!


    One couple hits the skids tonight, a spoiler has revealed.

    Faye has decided it is time friend-zone Sam, as Teddy is back and she's finally realised that he didn't do the dirty in Casa Amor. Phew.

    The former couple have rekindled their romance with a kiss - and Faye knows she has to end things with Sam.

    She tells him: “Obviously Teddy’s come back and it’s been super difficult to see him around and not want to go and speak to him and not want to do that and be on the same page as what we were before. If it wasn’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t be in this situation."


    Former Love Island star Siannise Fudge has slammed the show in the wake of Teddy's relationship woes with Faye.

    Siannise believes that sending a postcard showing Teddy kissing someone else was 'poor', given that Faye didn't realise he had only done it as part of a show challenge.

    Siannise exclusively told The Sun Online: “I thought it was really playing with people’s emotions.”

    She added: “Teddy got done dirty there... he stayed out on the day bed.

    "But then they’ve obviously made Liam look not bad. I just think that’s a bit poor from the production.”


    I've thoroughly enjoyed all the memes following Toby's latest reverse ferret.

    You know, the one where he decides he actually DOES like Chloe, having already fallen head-over-heels for Abi, then Mary, then back to Abi.

    But I particularly enjoyed this one. Bravo.


    Fans are preparing to file a Missing Persons report for Hugo, so shout if you've seen him!

    Hugo barely featured in the recoupling following Casa Amor - and it's very dramatic aftermath.

    One viewer tweeted: "MISSING: Mr. Hugo Hammond, last seen in Casa Amor, Mallorca approximately 4 days ago #LoveIsland."

    Shall we start the hashtag #hollerforhugo? Would that help?


    Fans are convinced Toby and Mary had sex under the covers in the main villa after watching scenes on last night's show.

    Night vision cameras seemingly picked up some fumbling under the covers.

    But you know Toby, he likes to change his mind quicker than the Islanders change their swimwear.

    He's now back into Chloe again, remember? Do keep up.


    Lillie Haynes has landed back in the UK following her bombshell comeback in last night's Love Island.

    The blonde beauty, who was seen spilling the tea about Liam while having a drink with Millie, is on home soil and says she had the 'best time of her life'.

    Pictured at the airport, Lillie did however have to remind people (I think she means keyboard warriors) that the show is edited.

    "I've landed back in the UK and I've had the best time of my life in Casa Amor," she said. "Just please remember, you see a 1hr snippet of a whole 24 hours."


    Millie may have spent the past few days sobbing, but her fan base is growing outside of the villa.

    The star's family have taken to Instagram after her 'followers' figure topped 500,000.

    "Gobsmacked isn't even the word," they wrote. "Half a million of you. Thank you for all your continued support & love."

    Now would be a good time to mention that Liam is sitting at 247,000 #justsaying.


    LOVE Island fans have been left furious after they spotted Hugo laughing about Millie being left brokenhearted by Liam.

    During their time in Casa Amor, Liam got close to new girl Lillie and the lads all egged him on – despite knowing Millie was waiting for him at home.

    After he snogged Lillie he went to chat to the boys about it and Hugo was seen laughing at the situation.

    Viewers were not impressed with his reaction – especially as he previously slammed Toby for cruelly dumping Chloe.

    Discussing their outrage, one person ranted on Reddit: “I’m surprised that no one’s talking about Hugo laughing whilst the boys discussed Liam straying behind Millie’s back while in Casa Amor, compared to when he put on his cape when the Toby/Chloe situation happened.”


    The odds of Toby and Chloe getting back together in the Love Island villa have been slashed by Ladbrokes.

    With Toby and Chloe both seemingly admitting there’s still some lingering feelings, the bookies have slashed the odds into just 2/1 the duo ditch their other love interests Dale, Abi and Mary.

    Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: “Toby’s been in more couples than he’s had hot dinners whilst in the villa, but it looks like a rendezvous with Chloe is suddenly back on the horizon.”


    LOVE Island dumpees Sharon Gafka and Chuggs Wallis have struck up a surprise romance off camera.

    The pair – who didn’t get together in the villa – were spotted kissing and looking cosy on a night out on Friday evening.

    Our exclusive images show the couple with their arms wrapped around each other as they left a bar in Chelsea together, with Sharon’s suitcase in tow.

    A source told The Sun: “Chuggs and Sharon couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were kissing and cuddling in the bar – and didn’t seem to mind people seeing them.

    “After a while they left and looked like they were heading home together because Sharon had her suitcase.”

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