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Love Island 2021 – Latest Unseen Bits as Liam tries to make Millie forgive him after Casa Amor & Faye ditches Teddy

IT was a drama-filled episode of Love Island last night, which had plenty of tears and regret.

Millie Court said she "can't forgive" Liam Reardon, Faye Winter broke down on "disappointed" Teddy Soares' shoulder, and Toby Aromolaran hinted that he'd made the wrong choice in the recoupling.

Faye decided to re-couple with Sam Jackson, leaving Manchester lad Teddy Soares heartbroken after she thought Teddy had been unfaithful after seeing a picture of him kissing a girl on a postcard, when in fact he had stayed on the daybed every night during his stay at Casa Amor.

As they talked it out by the firepit, the estate agent broke down in tears as she explained to him that she felt betrayed after she had finally let her guard down with him.

Meanwhile Liam came back alone, despite his secret fling with Lillie Haynes in the sister villa - but things took a turn for the worst when the trainee accountant told the rest of the Islanders that they had been kissing outside of challenges, sharing a bed and having chats together.

Toby also returned to the main villa hand in hand with Mary Bedford, while his former partner Abi Rawlings was left waiting for him alone. During a chat after the recoupling the semi-professional footballer confessed that he may have made the wrong decision.

Jake Cornish also came back alone to greet a very happy Liberty Poole.

Tonight's Unseen Bits will no doubt reveal a few more Casa Amor secrets that could make or break the reunited couples.

Read our Love Island live blog for the very latest updates on the show...


    LOVE Island fans have demanded that Teddy and Faye are shown Casa Amor footage as they slam his "unfair" treatment on the show.

    The senior financial consultant, 26, was left single last night after the estate agent coupled up with Sam Jackson.

    Faye was convinced that the Manchester lad, 26, had cracked on with another girl after they received a postcard with evidence of what the boys had been up to in Casa Amor.

    After seeing a picture of Teddy kissing one of the Casa Amor bombshells, she decided to get to know the maintenance engineer, 23.

    Teddy had stayed out on the daybed for the duration of his stay, and was left heartbroken when he returned to the main villa to see his girl coupled up with someone else.

    Many viewers of the ITV2 show took to Twitter to highlight how unfair the programme has been on Teddy.

    One wrote: "The producers have to call teddy and Faye into the beach hut and tell them it was their error and teddy was more loyal than Jake was. Show Faye the footage ffs. They have to apologise to both of them for messing with their mental health and relationship."

    Another chimed in: "Can the producers not just show Faye the footage of Teddy sleeping outside every night? I'm so annoyed and sad for him."


    LOVE Island viewers have spotted another "clue" that Jake Cornish wanted to split Liam Reardon and Millie Court up.

    Viewers took to Twitter to rage at the 24-year-old water engineer for smirking and laughing after Lillie told Millie about Liam's betrayal in Casa Amor during the dramatic recoupling last night.

    "Jake is that friend who encourages you to do something wrong, then laughs at you when you get in trouble," one viewer tweeted.

    "Jake trying not to laugh right as Millie finds out about the kiss. I’ve never seen such a smug little man. Biggest game player they’ve ever had," another added.

    "Jake is doing evil laugh," another tweeted.

    Liam walked back into the main villa alone last night and chose to recouple with Millie - leaving Lillie for dust.


    LOVE Island's Lucinda Strafford was in floods of tears as she watched her best pal Millie Court find out about Liam Reardon's Casa Amor fling.

    The Brighton Babe, 21, was an emotional wreck last night as she watched the Islanders recouple and said that she wants to return to the villa to comfort her friend.

    Lucinda shared a clip on her Instagram Stories of Millie in tears as she questioned a future with Liam.

    The fashion boutique owner wrote: "Brb just crying my eyes out and wishing I was with my sister."


    WITH his bleached hair and glasses, it's hard to believe this is what Love Island heartthrob Brad McClelland used to look like.

    The reality TV star shared an incredible throwback snap of his transformation before going into the villa.

    The 26-year-old labourer from Northumberland caught the eye of most of the ladies in the villa with his boyish good looks.

    But he wasn't always the tall, dark and handsome man we've seen on our TV screens.

    Sharing it on his Instagram, Brad added a poll writing: "Do you think he would’ve done damage in Casa?"


    Laura Whitmore, 36, is a TV presenter and model from Dublin.

    Her presenting career kicked off on MTV and in 2017 she returned to host the MTV EMAs at Wembley.

    She's best known for hosting the I'm A Celebrity after show Get Me Out Of Here Now.

    She has also featured in the music video for Rizzle Kicks' Skip to the Good Bit.


    LOVE Island fans are calling for Jake to be booted out the villa for encouraging the boys to cheat in Casa Amor.

    The 24-year-old water engineer has so far stayed completely loyal to Liberty while in the second villa.

    The other boys have not fared as well, with Kaz's love interest Tyler kissing someone else and Liam - who is with Millie - having his head turned by Lillie.

    However, this doesn't mean Jake has escaped fans anger, as they have noticed he is encouraging the boys to cheat on their partners.

    He's told Tyler, Toby and Liam to hook up with the new bombshells - saying it is a "lad' holiday".

    One person said: "Liberty is great but if her and jake stay together I will do everything’s my power to make sure they don’t win simply bc of how jake acted in casa amor how can he be pushing every man to not be loyal sskksksks"

    A second said: "Jake securing the £50,000 sending Liam to chat to Lilly"


    LOVE Island's Dale has a full sleeve of tattoos dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

    The hunky hairdresser, 24, professed his love for the super-popular Japanese anime on Wednesday's episode of the ITV2 dating show.

    While Dale said he was a bit shy to admit his geeky interests, his full arm dedicated to Goku and the other Z fighters says otherwise.

    Most prominent of all is the huge tattoo of Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball Z.

    Below him is rival-turned friend Piccolo, an alien from the planet Namek.

    He also has several of the Dragon Balls on him, which are magical items that, when put together, summon a dragon that grants you a wish.

    That dragon - Shenron - also makes an appearance on his sleeve.


    LOVE Island has sparked outrage amongst fans after they opened the show with a Marilyn Manson song.

    The music choice - his version of Tainted Love - is somewhat controversial as the musician has been accused of sexual assault, which he vehemently denies.

    Game Of Thrones star Esme Bianco claimed he electrocuted and cut her in a horror rape in court documents.

    According to the lawsuit, the 52-year-old hitmaker also engaged in human trafficking when he "employed fraud" in bringing British actress Bianco to the US to appear in a music video for his song, I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies.

    His lawyers said the claims were a contrived "plot" to gain cash and discredit him.

    Esme was one of the many women who spoke out against the musician.

    His ex Evan Rachel Wood, 33, publicly named him on Instagram and said he began "grooming" her when she was a teenager and "horrifically abused me for years".

    Manson has described the allegations as "horrible distortions of reality".

    One person wrote: “Bit distasteful playing Marilyn Manson… especially on a show about love #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK.”


    DUMPED Love Island star Lucinda has savaged Liam for kissing Lillie behind Millie's back in Casa Amor, admitting she is "shocked by his behaviour".

    The 21-year-old beauty entered the villa with Millie earlier this month, and the pair were best friends.

    She and Aaron were dumped from the ITV2 dating show last week, and Lucinda has been left shocked as she's watched events unfold among her new friends from home.

    The ex Islander insisted that the pair were "so strong" before the famous twist came along, and she didn't expect him to be turned from Millie.

    She explained: "Millie is my absolute girl in there and she and Liam were going amazingly and were so strong when I left but since Casa Amor I am praying, I am keeping everything crossed that Liam does not leave Millie."

    Lucinda added to MailOnline: "I am shocked by his behaviour. Jake and Teddy stayed outside, and Liam slept in a bed with Lillie…

    "I know Millie really likes Liam and I really hope they don't break up to be honest. They were like my mum and dad in there."


    A FORMER Love Island champion has lifted the lid on the 'brutal' truth behind the Casa Amor recoupling.

    Amber Gill, who won the ITV2 show with Greg O'Shea in 2019, found herself at the centre of the drama when Michael Griffiths ditched her for Joanna Chimonides.

    Amber, 24, had remained loyal to Michael during Casa Amor - aka 'The Ultimate Relationship Test' - but he picked newbie Joanna at the recoupling.

    The star was then forced to return to the villa and see her fella standing with a new woman - as in 2019 it was the boys' turn to stick or twist.

    Amber has now admitted she knew something was afoot, claiming she was made to wait outside the villa for "hours and hours" before being allowed to walk in a find out her fate.

    Speaking on Twitter, she said: "I was stood outside for hours and hours and that’s when I knew i f***ed up.

    "No I swear the sun almost came up it was that long So I knew it was a madness I was walking into."


    LOVE Island's Millie was left sobbing after Liam laughed and played down his fling with Lillie in Casa Amor.

    Fans watched in horror as Lillie spilled the beans on her 'connection' with Liam just moments after he reunited with Millie.

    As Millie watched in shock, Lillie told Love Island host Laura Whitmore: "I feel I had a good connection the second I got in there and I feel it was very reciprocated.

    "Very 50/50...and I'm surprised Im standing here right now."

    Confirming her connection was with Liam, she went on: "I feel the actions were pretty equal. We shared a bed together, kissing outside of challenges."

    Liam then grinned as Millie replied: "Are you f***ing joking?"

    Millie told Liam he was "disgusting" while he smirked and whispered: "I'll talk to you later. I'll talk to you later."

    Ignoring him, Millie shot back: "You should have just come back with her, shouldn't you?"

    Millie later broke down in tears to the girls as what she'd heard began to sink in.

    "We sat there and I was so happy and then it just switched. Like, I've gone from being the happiest I've been in the past four days and now I'm f***ing crying," she sobbed.

    "I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. He's fake. He obviously didn't think what we had was good enough."


    LOVE Island fans have turned on Tyler Cruickshank for his "smug" reaction in front of Kaz Kamwi during last night's recoupling.

    Tyler, 26, was seen returning to the villa with new girl Clarisse Juliette after the boys' trip to Casa Amor came to an end.

    Tyler insisted the first few days of Casa Amor were "tough", but "found a spark" with Clarisse and so decided to give romance with her a go.

    Kaz, meanwhile, told Tyler and host Laura that she had spent the first few days sleeping on the sofa after the boys had gone.

    This changed when a postcard arrived showing Tyler smooching Clarisse.

    When Tyler pointed out that she "still recoupled", Kaz replied: "I saw a picture of you kissing another girl, Ty. That's why I recoupled. That was basically my green light to go."

    Viewers were raging over Tyler's smug reaction as he tried to get himself off the hook.

    One wrote: "Tyler was so smug until Kaz said she saw a pic!!! #LoveIsland"

    Another shared: "Tyler was looking so smug until Kaz said what she said about why she recoupled."


    No, Unseen Bits is on instead at 9pm on IV2. The next episode is on Sunday instead.


    The 21-year-old beauty entered the villa with Millie earlier this month, and the pair were best friends.

    She and Aaron were dumped from the ITV2 dating show last week, and Lucinda has been left shocked as she’s watched events unfold among her new friends from home.

    The ex Islander insisted that the pair were “so strong” before the famous twist came along, and she didn’t expect him to be turned from Millie.


    Speaking to ITV, Liam said: "I’m after a new partner. It’s been a while since I’ve had a girlfriend. I’m struggling to find one."

    He added: "I am competitive to a certain extent. I’m not over the top. It’s always nice being a winner.

    "If I’m in competition for a female, I want to try my best, but I won’t go too far out of my way.

    "If she liked you that much she wouldn’t have to make a choice."

  • LOVE Island fans have demanded that Teddy and Faye are shown Casa Amor footage as they slam his "unfair" treatment on the show.

    The senior financial consultant, 26, was left single last night after the estate agent coupled up with Sam Jackson.

    One wrote on Twitter: "sorry but love island doing that to teddy and faye is just downright unfair & not entertaining for anyone to watch???? like they’re both clearly feeling so s**t about it u done this for what ?"

    Another said: "Uncomfortable watch tonight tbh. This show continues to be malicious at the expense of people’s feelings. The manipulated view of Teddy is unfair & then they dealt with Liam & Millie poorly. Didn’t change what would’ve happened but they exploited it."


    Tyler is set to have a fiery showdown with Kaz as she accuses him of being "the biggest f***ing game player", a dramatic teaser has revealed.

    Tyler, 26, was seen returning to the villa on Friday night with new girl Clarisse after the boys' trip to Casa Amor came to an end.

  • LOVE Island fans were left livid after Liam LAUGHED when Lillie exposed their fling and Millie shouted “are you f****ing joking?”

    The Welshman returned to the main villa alone, but he has a LOT of explaining to do after his week away at Casa Amor.

    This week he grew close to blonde bombshell Lillie and even a shared a bed and multiple kisses.

    But something drew him back to his Millie Moo – although he kept tight-lipped about what he’d been up to and instead said the time apart had made him realise his true feelings.

    Unfortunately for Liam, Lillie entered and revealed all.


    American football player Medhy, 24, from Luton (but originally Belgium) didn’t get a look in.


    Racing driver and coach Jack, 26, from East Sussex has been booted out.


    The model, 20, from Dublin failed to find a connection with any of the boys.

    Some fans claimed that she had “gone missing” after she failed to feature in any of Casa Amor’s saucy scenes.

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