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Love Island 2020 LIVE: Sophie storms out of villa and one boy is DUMPED in tonight’s episode


LOVE  Island's Sophie Piper storms out of the villa tonight after a bust-up with Connor Durman.

And the girls are handed the power in a surprise recoupling, meaning one boy will be DUMPED from the Island.

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  • Thomas Mackie 's avatarThomas Mackie3 minutes ago24th January 2020


    Mike's GOT A TEXT.

    The ex-cop says: “Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling. The girls will choose who they want to couple up with and the boy not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island upyourgame everymanforhimself” 

    Paige says: “Oh my god, somebody’s leaving! Someone’s going to go home tonight and it’s horrible to think it’s us who choose.”

    And it seems there’s plenty of nerves around the Villa. 

    Callum says: “I’m nervous to see what happens.”

    Finn adds: “I didn’t think I would be as bothered as I am today.”

    Connagh admits: “I’m really bothered.”

    While Rebecca says: “I just need to do what’s right for me.”

    Have the new boys done enough to stay?

  • Thomas Mackie 's avatarThomas Mackie4 minutes ago24th January 2020


    The new Lukes receive a text, asking them to choose two more girls each to have breakfast dates with. 

    Luke M says in the Beach Hut: “No one is married off in here, it’s been a couple of weeks, I’m going to get to know them, see where it leads and yeah, see if I can find something.”

    He subsequently chooses Paige to go on his first date with, while Luke T asks Leanne. 

    When Mike – who is sat next to Leanne at the time – quizzes if he’s asking for permission, Luke T says he’s asking Leanne, saying: “I’m going to choose Leanne because I haven’t spoken to you and want to get to know you if that’s cool.” 

    Finn admits in the Beach Hut: “Me and Mike are certainly on edge and hoping the girls return and say the dates went horribly wrong. That’d be the ideal scenario.” 

    The remaining Islanders watch on from the top deck as the dates take place on the grass below. 

    Paige tells Luke M: “You’ve left me intrigued.”

    Returning to the Beach Hut Paige admits: “We have a predicament.”

    Will heads be turned?

  • Thomas Mackie 's avatarThomas Mackie6 minutes ago24th January 2020

    Love Island’s two new hunky Islanders, Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott, will head out of the villa tonight on dates with Siânnise and Jess.

    Getting to know Luke M, Jess asks: “What were your first impressions of everyone?”

    Luke M replies: “I was looking at all the girls, but you obviously stood out.”

    Later Luke M admits: “I can’t believe you’re not coupled up and haven’t found someone.”

    Jess replies: “I think everything happens for a reason.”

    Luke M replies: “Could I be a reason?” 

    Meanwhile, Luke T tells Siânnise: “You were one of the girls I had my eye on. I just feel like we’d get on. I like a bit of sass.”

    Siânnise replies: “I’ve got a bit of sass to give you.”

    When Siânnise returns from the date, she says in the Beach Hut: “The date with Luke T was honestly so lush.” 

    She tells them: “Honestly, we just bounce off each other. He’s got good banter, we were literally laughing the whole time. I felt like I’d known him for ages.”

    Luke T says: “I did have my eyes on Siânnise beforehand. There was a nice energy. A little bit of a spark, but I’m going to get to know everyone still, but the date was good.”

    Recapping on their date Luke M says of Jess: “Yeah I think there was a spark. She’s easy to get on with, we’ve got quite a lot in common to be fair.”

    Jess tells the girls: “I’m not used to being with guys who are so sweet and kind, such a gentleman. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

  • Liam Llewellyn 's avatarLiam Llewellyn10 hours ago24th January 2020


    Things took a turn on Love Island last night as the girls erupted over a text letting them know that two new boys would be entering the villa!

    After their steamy and rather long kiss on Wednesday's episode, Rebecca Gormley and Connagh Howard certainly have the hots for each other and the model told Finley Tapp all about it on last night's episode.

    Of course this didn't stay between the two of them for long, as Finley, also known as Finn, is coupled up with Paige and of course updated her on the news.

    News usually travels fast in the Love Island villa and this was no different as Paige told some of the other islanders what went down between 21-year-old Rebecca and 27-year-old Connagh.

    Finn would later tell the actor to break the news to Siânnise Fudge, who has shown an interest in Connagh and it's fair to say she wasn't impressed to hear that he would rather crack on with someone else.

    Finn made the headlines a lot in this episode as he won the latest challenge “Lads Vegas”, which Sophie Piper did not take part in due to illness.

    Mike and Leanne seemed to be going strong but after a chat which saw the customer service advisor tell policeman Mike to slow things down, he was left confused and confided in 20-year-old Finn, who told him to go at Leanne's pace.

    Speaking of Finn, things took a turn for the worse for semi-pro footballer as he was on the receiving end of a rollicking from Paige, who branded him immature after he did not sit with her when the islanders gathered around the firepit to greet the new boys Luke Mabbott and Luke Trotman.

    The two Luke's, dubbed as “Luke squared” by Shaughna, will be going on dates with Siânnise and Jess Gale after it was decided by a public vote.

    Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm on ITV 2 to see how they get on and to follow all the drama that is about to unfold!

  • Rebecca Lewis 's avatarRebecca Lewis19 hours ago23rd January 2020


    That's me for another night but what a night it was. The two Lukes made a major entrance, non?

    The episode kicked off though with Finn telling Paige all about Connagh and Rebecca’s kiss, which very quickly spread like wildfire throughout the villa.

    Quelle surprise.

    Connagh then pulled Siannise aside to give her the heads up, leading to another epic face = another epic meme for the internet.

    Connor and Sophie appeared to be getting more intimate as the days go on, with the night cameras giving us an eyeful, while Callum has well and truly ended any potential romance with Rebecca for Shaughna.

    Leanne and Mike though? Yikes city over there.

    Leanne has put the brakes on, although Mike is still grafting, bringing her (cold) heart-shaped toast with jam (Leanne does not like jam).

    Is it wrong to think that at this point, Mike should cut his losses and crack on elsewhere?

    Nas and Jess on the other hand, are having the winter of their lives! Essentially the pair are on a six-week all-inclusive holiday for which THEY are getting paid.


    I do hope Nas’ luck changes at some point though, he’s a good guy and deserves some romance.

    But the villa was definitely beginning to lack any drama – did anyone really think Callum would crack on with Rebecca? – and thank God for Luke T and Luke M (the JBiebs lookalike).

    Luke T is wound tight and clearly ready to do what he needs to do to get his girl (whomever she may be) while Bieber has been talked over quite a bit by Luke T so far.

    Hopefully when he gets more screen time, we’ll finally see more personality. Right now though, Luke T has enough for the both of them.

    The public has chosen Siannise to enjoy a first date with Luke T and Jess for Luke M – and both boys looked shocked by that – and those dates will be seen on screen on Friday.

    That teaser showed that Luke T Is definitely putting his back into the graft though.

    'Til next time…

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