Louis Theroux’s latest project is a four-part series that delves into one of the most infamous crimes of the 1980s.

The Bambers: Murder At the Farm retells the story of Jeremy Bamber, whose sister, nephews and parents were all found shot dead at their secluded Essex home, White House Farm, in August, 1985.

Jeremy, then 24, was arrested, charged and convicted of the five murders of members of his family – mum June, 61, dad Nevill, 61, sister Sheila, 28, nicknamed 'Bambi', and little Daniel and Nicholas, both just six. He was sentenced to life in prison but has always protested his innocence.

In the trailer for the series, which will be available on Sky Crime and subscription channel Now from 9pm tonight (26 September), the narrator explains:"Police said they had all died together from gunshot wounds. The only remaining member was Mr Bamber’s adopted son Jeremy."

Jeremy Bamber's sister Sheila, known as Bambi, was murdered along with her twin sons Nicholas and Daniel (


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Jeremy Bamber, now aged 60, has been protesting his innocence for decades (



As the images show recreations of the scene, images of the participants in the documentary and footage from Jeremy’s arrest, the voiceover continues, 'Was he being truthful? You know, did you do it?"

The series features previously unheard recordings of Jeremy Bamber who protests, “I don’t have that in me, I’m not somebody who gets angry or loses my temper. Or lashes out, ever."

Louis, who has been making documentaries for the past 25 years, admits this crime is still very controversial. He told website Tyla, “Whether you believe he did it… there are things that are hard to explain, and that’s I think what’s so intriguing, so weird about the case.”

The four part series features previously unheard footage from convicted murderer Jeremy Bamber (



The 51-year-old award-winning journalist continued, "It fascinates and intrigues people. It's a case that has kept in the headlines by the fact that Jeremy Bamber is consistently [and] has consistently maintained his innocence, and is in fact the only prisoner in the UK on a full-life tariff who has consistently maintained their innocence.”

He added that the subject is “highly charged and deeply emotional” and “there are people who are passionately committed on both sides”.

Louis first shot to fame interviewing people with controversial views like conspiracy theorists, those who believe in UFOs, and anti-gay Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, USA.

He has appeared in porn movies and in his most divisive films made in 2000, he spent time with the former radio DJ and charity campaigner Jimmy Savile.

Louis questioned him about rumours of paedophilia, which were confirmed after Savile's death in 2011.

Louis interviewed Jimmy Savile in 2000 and questioned him about rumours of paedophilia (



Louis, who is the cousin of US TV star Justin Theroux, also explained why he's chosen to move behind the cameras after 25 years.

He revealed, “There’s a prestige attached to being a TV presenter but at the same time, it can be oddly infantilising. Because you’re sort of seen as the pampered nincompoop, the one who has to be tolerated and their opinions have to be tolerated because they’re the ones on camera. But you don’t feel quite like you’re a grown-up."

He added, "As weird as it might sound, even after 25 years in TV, I have a little bit of that feeling of 'Do I actually work in television or am I just kind of a journalist who got lucky?' Here I feel as though, it’s just nice to feel like I’m bringing something else to the table, like creative input that it is valued on its own merits.”

The Bambers: Murder at The Farm is available on Now from 9pm tonight

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