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Louis Theroux confesses he regularly cycles drunk without wearing a helmet

LOUIS THEROUX is one of the wisest blokes on the box – but his latest confession is not the brightest thing he’s ever said.

The documentary maker has admitted he refuses to wear a helmet while cycling on main roads in London, where he lives.

When asked if he wears a helmet, Louis said: “No, I don’t. A lot of people, especially friends and my wife too, they’re not happy about that.

“I wish I had a really good reason.

“The only good reason I can give you is I have been cycling my whole life.

“When I was 11, I used to cycle from Wandsworth all the way along the Upper Richmond Road to school in East Sheen, which is about four miles each way.

“I do have lights. I do wear a fluorescent jacket.

“I’m not a danger freak. I’m not trying to get knocked over.

“It’s much more that I try and make my life as simple as possible, and a helmet just seems like one more complicating factor.

“You have to drag it around. I love bikes and I love cycling around. It makes you feel good about connecting with your body, you listen to a podcast.”

And in a move that is sure to infuriate road-safety campaigners, Louis admitted he is no stranger to drinking while on two wheels.

He added: “I have done it. I don’t recommend doing it. It’s a good feeling. You feel very free.”

Trust me, Louis. You wouldn’t feel free if you ended up in a cast.

Do not drink and ride, everyone.


HARRY REDKNAPP dismisses rumours DAVID BECKHAM has been drawn to his idyllic neighbourhood on ITV’s Sandbanks Summer tonight.

He adds: “It’s rubbish. He could’ve bought the whole of Sandbanks if he’d wanted.”


Amanda's slice of the action

AMANDA Redman used a water melon to perfect a delicate scene for next month’s new series of The Good Karma Hospital.

The ITV drama’s star had to execute an emergency Caesarian section and the fake stomach she was “operating” on cost thousands to create.

Amanda said: “The prosthetics were amazing, very realistic, even down to a condom filled with water inside it so that the waters broke.

“But it had to be in one take because they couldn’t afford too many of these prosthetic tummies.

“Tension was quite high.

“I had to practise the incision for ages with a water melon in my hotel room.

“Weirdly, it has all the different layers that are like a woman’s pregnant tummy.”

She’s a cut above.


RADIO 1’s DEV GRIFFIN and Made In Chelsea’s SAM THOMPSON have linked up with Lucozade Sport for a podcast as they tackle the London Marathon.

The 12-episode Running The Show will document the highs and lows of preparation.

Wart a fuss by Marco

THE hilarious stand-out star of new E4 show The Sex Clinic is Marco – an Italian stallion who can’t keep it in his pants.

The programme, which starts on Monday at 10pm, focuses on real-life patients at a specialist centre for sexual problems.

Marco is among the first, with a worrying growth on the end of his penis after bedding more than 100 women without a condom.

He ends up screaming the place down and crying as viewers get a close-up view of a medic applying liquid nitrogen to a wart.

With tears in his eyes, Marco turns to the camera and warns viewers: “This is torture.

“Don’t do unprotected sex – that’s what happens.”

But the greatest sting in the tail comes when he is told he can’t have sex for a week.

I really thought he would start crying all over again.

Alice is a blue-ty

ALICE EVE looks thrilled to be out of the corsets she wore while filming Belgravia with co-star Philip Glenister.

She plays a buttoned-up London lady in the ITV period drama from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

Alice seemed much more at home in the plunging blue playsuit she chose for a series photocall this week.

On mean street

JANET Street-Porter branding Andrea McLean a “slut” on Loose Women wasn’t what I was expecting during my Tuesday lunch break.

The pair were debating whether noisy food should be banned from cinemas.

Janet joked Andrea was “common” after she admitted eating popcorn at the movies, to which she replied: “Janet, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

The motor-mouth presenter hit back and shouted: “You’re a slut, Andrea,” leaving the audience stunned.

Trailer for the 'True History of the Kelly Gang' starring George MacKay and Nicholas Hoult