A furious lorry driver has exposed a motorist stacking full jerry cans of petrol in his car as fuel panic-buying continues across the UK.

Some UK service stations are rationing petrol and diesel as the lorry driver shortage hits supply chains and forces forecourts up and down the country to shut.

Gas companies have spoken of dwindling stock levels which will leave some stations without fuel for a a day or two a week.

Stations including supermarket supplier Sainsburys have confirmed they are limiting customers to a £30 fill per visit in response to the panicked buying.

At a Shell garage in Eastington, Gloucestershire, an "angry" lorry driver lost it after watching a motorist stack several jerry cans full of fuel in his boot, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Motorists form a snaking queue for petrol at an Esso petrol station in Brockley, South London on Satutday morning (



The shortage was initially blamed on a lack of foreign lorry drivers - who returned to their home countries during the pandemic.

But, the Gloucestershire driver thinks worker dissatisfaction "with "companies who treat you badly and pay poor money" sparked the situation.

He said: "This is why we are low on fuel. They had to go in and pay for the first lot to then fill the jerry cans up! It's really irritating.

"I am a truck driver and there is no shortage of drivers, believe me!

"There's a shortage of drivers who want to work for the companies who treat you badly and pay poor money.

"You know what it's not just frustrating, it makes me angry.

"I mean during the pandemic we couldn't get food, drink, shower, use a toilet etc because we were too high risk - now everybody wants us!"

The Government have responded by considering temporary visas for foreign drivers.

They also refused to rule out employing the armed forces to plug the shortage and drive tankers.

A man is spotting carrying fuel containers at a Tesco Petrol Station in Bracknell, Berkshire (



Speaking today, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the shortage was a "manufactured situation".

He pinned the blame on a road haulage association and said panic buying is the biggest problem.

Mr Shapps did not name the group but cited a Government source saying the Road Haulage Association was "entirely responsible for this panic and chaos", according to a report today in the Mail on Sunday,

At least one bust-up has been witnessed, as a clash broke out at a busy petrol station in Portsmouth, Hants, where drivers had flocked to a Shell station.

Petrol pumps have run dry in Essex with many fuel stations closed including Esso, BP, Sainsbury's and Morrisons (


Stephen Huntley/HVC)

Two groups of men were 'screaming' at each other before one group chased another fleeing in a van - hurling stones at the vehicle, according to a witness.

The ugly scenes shocked onlookers at a forecourt in the Hilsea area of the city at around 8.30am yesterday.

A witness said: "People were queuing throughout the night. Pumps are almost dry.

The man said the groups were screaming and shouting at each other.

He added: "One group got into their van and drove off out of the city as the other group gave chase and hurled stones at the retreating van. It's utter madness."

Lengthy queues were being spotted yesterday around London, Essex and Kent to Bristol and Cambridgeshire, as industry bosses warned the capital and south of England were worst affected.

Some petrol stations had road cones blocking forecourt lanes and signs announcing they were closed as pumps ran dry.

Police forces are pleading with drivers to be 'sensible' as lines were seen stretching around roundabouts in some parts of England.

EG Group, which runs hundreds of forecourts across Britain, imposed a purchase limit of £30 per customer for fuel due to the "unprecedented customer demand''.

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