Lorraine Kelly ’s daughter, Rosie Smith, is no different to most children as she admitted that she finds her mum “embarrassing”.

Speaking to the Loose Women panel, Rosie discussed what it’s like having a famous mum on the television and as she called her 61-year-old mother "embarrassing" she did follow up saying that her mum has a “lovely job”.

Contestant on this years Strictly, Judi Love asked Rosie what kind of conversations happen between Rosie and her friends regarding her mum’s high profile job as she admitted that it was all she knew, and everyone was so nice about it.

Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie tells her she's 'embarrassing' on Loose Women

Rosie, who fans believe looks the double of her mum, replied: “Growing up you were always on the TV, so I never knew any different really. People I went to school with were lovely - everyone’s always been so nice.”

“I think it’s because you’re embarrassing, but not an embarrassing mum in the sense that you… you have a lovely job, and you’re very respectful and lovely,” she continued.

Lorraine then stepped in and said that she feels like she and Rosie can “talk about absolutely anything”, but understands that the 27 year old won’t talk to her the same way she would her friends.

The TV host explained: “I’d like to think that we talk about absolutely everything, but I’m Rosie’s mum, and you don’t talk to me about everything do you? I’m not your pal in that sense.”

Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie tells her she's 'embarrassing' on Loose Women

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Lorraine Kelly called 'filthy' by daughter Rosie during Celebrity Gogglebox debut

Lorraine recently spoke of the benefits of HRT, and insisted that it helped her sex life after going through the menopause.

She told OK!: “HRT is brilliant. Now I put a patch on my bum twice a week. Within two weeks of starting it I felt better. Steve said, “I’ve got you back again.” I was lucky. Many women are misdiagnosed and packed off with antidepressants. Carol Vorderman said it was immediate the improvement she felt after rubbing her HRT cream into her arm.”

During the conversation, Lorraine also admitted that she didn’t tell her mum everything when she was younger.

Speaking about the “important distinction” between being Rosie’s mum instead of her friend, she said: “I certainly didn’t tell my mum everything.

"I can’t wait to be a granny one day, but Rosie and her boyfriend James have a dog, Ruby, so I’m already a dog grandmother. My dog Angus is the son I never had and Ruby is like my granddaughter.”