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Lord Alan Sugar says he’ll quit The Apprentice in four years’ time as ’20 series is enough’

LORD Sugar has revealed he'll quit The Apprentice in four years' time as 20 series are enough.

The no-nonsense businessman, 73, has proven a massive hit during his 16 years as the face of The Apprentice, but he insists his time on the BBC show won't go on for much longer.

Ahead of the launch of The Apprentice Best Bits, Lord Sugar said: "I said last year that I wanted to do 20 years.

"We would have been doing series 16 this year and I was happy to do four more. But of course it is the BBC who will decide if they wish to do it.

"I fully understand they are in charge but if they wanted to do it, I think 20 years is a nice round figure."

Despite his advancing years, Lord Sugar still remains just as passionate about launching a new business venture and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

When asked if he still has the fire in his belly, he said: "What motivates me is going back to my old days of starting a business from scratch. I love that idea of keeping my hand in and proving it can be done. It’s enjoyable, as simple as that."

Over the show's 16 series, there have been no shortage of memorable characters.

Lord Sugar speaks fondly of both the success stories he's partnered with but also the big personalities that made an impression.

He said: "They are all very different and they are all great people in their own way. You’ve got Tom the inventor, who is not a businessman but he has been made into one and he is great.

"You’ve got Dr Leah who now has three clinics and she has done very well. Ricky Martin has done exceptionally well in the recruitment industry too.

"My latest winner, Carina, has just opened up her second bake house and so she is doing well."

The Best Bits will include the good, the bad and the ugly of shows from years gone by, with lots of familiar faces.

And while there have been dozens and dozens of candidates, Lord Sugar and show bosses had no problem picking out names to include.

"We sat down and looked at which outstanding characters we needed to bring in. Paul Torrisi rolled straight off my tongue! Ruth Badger was another one.

"In later years, we had last year’s candidate Thomas Skinner. If you sit down and think about it, there have been some great characters."

The Apprentice Best Bits airs from Thursday 1st October, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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