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Lord Adonis can’t resist linking Prince Philip to Europe before demanding UK rejoin bloc

Andrew Neil discusses EU's 'get out of jail card' in 2018

Just hours after the Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday the unapologetic Rejoiner couldn’t resist taking a dig at the democratic will of the people. As warm and apolitical tributes flowed in from across the world, the politician tweeted: “Prince Philip was immediately related to two of Europe’s reigning monarchies (Britain & Denmark) & to another two other royal houses (Greece & Glücksburg).

“There is no more European institution than Britain’s Royal Family.”

And yesterday Lord Adonis, who served in the cabinets of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, tweeted: “It is now 100 days of Brexit.

“What a disaster.”

In a later remark, he said: “The best thing for Britain would be to go back into the EU.”

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Andrew Adonis

Lord Adonis is unapologetic in his desire to reverse Brexit (Image: Getty)

Prince Philip

Prince Philip died on Friday morning (Image: Getty)

His outrageous posts quickly attracted the ire of furious commentators.

One wrote: “This is not going to happen. It’s time to move on and for you to join with your leadership to work towards a future outside the EU.”

Another wrote: “Disaster where exactly?

“The EU have shown their cards with their pettiness and political games over the vaccine.

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Prince Philip

Lord Adonish has been slammed for appearing to politicise the duke's death (Image: Getty)

“We were organised and as a result will have our economy thriving again before the likes of Merkel and Macron.”

Another said: “I’m missing the part where it's a disaster?

“Shelves are stocked? Businesses haven’t imploded and there’s no 25 mile queue at Dover?

“There’s a few rowdy bored teenagers throwing rocks in Belfast though so the whole thing must be a disaster yeah?”


Brexit was the democratic will of the people (Image: Getty)

The Labour member of the House of Lords went on to lambast David Cameron and Theresa May for their role in helping deliver what the British people voted for.

He added: “Cameron & Theresa May bear huge responsibility for the current Brexit crisis because they knew that Brexit was a disaster but Cameron walked away & May refused to call the second referendum which would have ended it. Instead she handed over to Johnson.

“Cameron needlessly called the referendum which led to Brexit, a great British disaster. Then he resigned, paving the way for Johnson. Then he teamed up with dodgy financier he had sponsored in No 10 & lobbied for him during COVID19 to make £60m.

“Why Britain is in such a mess.

Prince Philip

The royal couple were married for 73 years (Image: Getty)

“It is clearer & clearer that Mrs May’s failure to hold a second referendum on Brexit in 2019, giving the British people the chance to change course without electing Corbyn as prime minister, was a betrayal of the national interest as big as holding the 2016 referendum itself.”

It appears Lord Adonis has learned little from previous outbursts which landed him in hot water.

Andrew Neil left the Blairite squirming over tweets which wrongly predicted the UK's vaccine rollout would be a "fiasco".

The former BBC journalist, widely regarded as Britain's toughest interviewer, confronted the Labour peer with his own tweet during a grilling on Spectator TV.

A squirming Lord Adonis attempted to deny he had said it, before being forced to admit Kate Bingham, chair of the UK vaccine taskforce, had "done a good job".

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