Loose Women was thrown into chaos yesterday as an interview with EastEnders star Lacey Turner had to be cut two minutes in.

Lacey joined the show via video link to talk about her return to the soap after a six-month hiatus.

The 33-year-old soap star is returning to Albert Square after giving birth to her baby son, Trilby, who she shares with husband Matt Kay.

The panelists were excited to chat to Lacey about her family life and also returning to the BBC soap but it wasn't long before they were left disappointed when the interview was cut short after just two minutes, writes The Mirror.

Lacey continued to freeze on screen as Carol McGiffin grilled her on what lies in store for Stacey Slater as she returns to Albert Square.

Loose Women viewers were left in hysterics as Stacey’s face froze on camera.

To add to hilarity, the producers began to play the EastEnders theme tune to add some more comic relief around the technical disaster.

Taking to Twitter, Loose Women viewers joined in on the fun.

Lacey continued to freeze on camera

“Lacey’s face when the screen froze. OMG, it’s just so realistic. So true to life,” one fan quipped.

“Classic zoom calls. We’ve all been there,” another agreed.

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“I was looking forward to this Lacey chat all week tbh. So disappointing,” someone else complained.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan tweeted: “Disaster in the Loose Women house today. Lacey is such a sweetheart.”

Lacey is back as Stacey Slater

On the show, Stacey is currently serving time for something she didn't do, with now-deleted footage showing that Ruby Allen slipped down the stairs rather than being pushed.

It comes as Ruby actress, Louisa Lytton, is going on maternity leave.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30PM on ITV.

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