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Logan Paul leaves plush Mayfair restaurant with mystery ladies before heading to celebrity hotspot Tape Nightclub

LOGAN PAUL is enjoying the sights of London as he plots his next move in boxing.

The YouTuber was spotted leaving plus Mayfair restaurant C London with a couple of mystery ladies.

The next stop was celebrity hotspot Tape Nightclub.

But Paul, who last fought boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition, made time to chat with a two women who were waiting for an Uber.

The Italian eatery is famous for its caviar served with blinis and sour cream.

But 100g would have set Paul, elder brother of Jake, and co back £250.

Starters range from £13 to £28, with a brilliant and varied choice of mains.

Veal kidney with risotto alla Milanese costs £32.50, but if you want to push the boat out the wagyu fillet of beef Rossini is £92.

The restaurant also markets two 'daily menus', where the diner can have three courses for £52.

Paul surprised many people by going the full eight rounds against Mayweather in Mimi in June.

And the 26-year-old has since claimed he would KO the unbeaten boxing legend if they went 12 rounds.

The elder Paul brother told the True Geordie, he said: "My conditioning is f***ing good, bro.

"If the fight went 10 or 12 rounds, I think I would knock him out. I say that in full conviction."

The Maverick believes Mayweather was fatigued at the end of the final round.

He continued: "I saw him breathing heavy for the first time that eighth round and it was because I had been leaning on him.

"I'm 30 pounds heavier. Like no matter how you cut it, me leaning on a guy that size is gonna get him tired no matter how good he is.

"I was coming alive too. That's what we trained for, we sparred for 12 rounds. I'm probably throwing 120 punches by the 12th round.

"My conditioning is good, I had a little 'uhh' in the fourth round then second wind came in."

Paul is eager to return to the squared circle, saying last month: "I have to."

Sibling Jake is set to fight Love Island star and brother of WBC King Tyson, Tommy, in a grudge match in November.

Logan Paul says he knows who his next opponent is