What will you do? We’re lucky enough to have a garden. I don’t know how we’d cope if we didn’t.

I haven’t seen the outdoor world for almost four weeks now. It’s the longest I’ve never been outdoors in my lifetime, there’s probably a lot of you who are the same.

We’re used to quite a busy life in our little family. Always making sure we have a weekend activity planned and fitting friends and family in there too.

Then there’s shopping, exercising, visiting and working. It’s such a contrast and at the moment, I’m still bloody loving it.

Michael is the most chilled man on earth (bit too chilled TBH but hey ho!). The only two things we ever argue about is him never cooking - except eggs on toast for himself whilst forgetting about us (I know).

I do love cooking and baking but not every single day of my life. It’s not only the cooking, it’s the online shopping and then thinking of what meals we can all enjoy.

Roisin and Michael are making the most of their time in self-isolation
Roisin and Michael are making the most of their time in self-isolation

I’ve been waiting up every night until midnight trying to get a slot for Morrisons but they literally go in seconds and I keep missing out.

I’m supposed to have been contacted so that I can get priority booking because of my vulnerabilities but I’ve had no joy yet.

The other thing we argue about is that Michael has no concept of time, it drives me mental! I have to lie about what time we need to be places so that he’ll be ready - still late every time.

Or he’ll do this really annoying thing where I tell him we have to leave at 1pm and he will literally come down stairs in his undies and say “told you I’d be ready on time”.

He’ll have had a 20 minute shower, had music on whilst he ironed calmly, shaved… What about our children Michael? Arghhhhh

It’s a good job I really love him. And I’m far from perfect, so we balance each other out.

Roisin, Michael and their daughter, Ivy
Roisin, Michael and their daughter, Ivy

My point here is that whilst we’ve been in isolation, we’ve hardly fallen out because we’ve not had to be anywhere and it’s amazing. He still doesn’t cook but I’m working on it.

I wonder how many relationship break-downs there will be off the back of the great lockdown? So far our wedding is still going ahead.

We had to postpone our long awaited wedding until April next year. We were obviously gutted - I’ve waited almost 12 flippin years for this. But it turns out it’s not so bad.

We have more time to save and more time for my hair to grow and I just think it’s generally going to feel like a much more relaxed day because we are hopefully going to be well and truly prepared.

I have heard of so many couples who have been forced to cancel their big day too. It’s sad but we have to find those little silver linings.

Mine has been a gigantic silver lining in the fact that my little business www.fightypants.com has been doing so well.

Ivy is having a ball on lockdown
Ivy is having a ball on lockdown

When I started my up a year ago, my aim was to design and create gifts for people going through a tough time -or celebrating good times.

My rainbow pin badge has taken off around the whole country and people have been buying them in bulk for their staff, our key workers and our NHS. I’m absolutely delighted.

My new design this week is a gorgeous little keepsake for our ‘Rainbow Children’ to remember this historic time in their lives and WOW….

I am honestly so so soooo thankful to each and every single one of you who has put your order in, it’s helping us to pay for our wedding and we’re so grateful!

I love the fact that something I created is going to have a special place in someone’s life. It was my mum’s idea to celebrate our Rainbow Children - thanks mum.

You can order here.

Roisin and Michael have had to postpone their wedding until next year
Roisin and Michael have had to postpone their wedding until next year

The fact that my orders are keeping me so busy is honestly a godsend at the moment. With my chemo being paused for 12 weeks, it’s a really scary time and I know my mind can seriously wonder into some dark dark places.

So to not have time to think is a really, really good thing for me.

With both of us working and schooling and parenting from home, we’ve been taking it in shifts but then making sure we spend time altogether and I don’t think we’ve ever seen Ivy happier.

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She is an absolute joy and she is hilarious! My dad has a lovely Irish accent and Ivy has mastered it, I’m so proud.

We’ve been doing quizzes with our friends and wine at the weekends and video calling family and although it’s a while before we can hug again, we’re so lucky this kind of technology even exists.

Stay safe everyone, be creative, relax, DIY, hug….it will all be a distant memory soon.