Great Britain

Lockdown has given reporters some new interview techniques


t took me months to start feeling the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. I’m an introvert. I do better in small groups. I like quiet. If this were an online dating profile, I’d tell you I like walks in the park, early drinks at a bar, and curling up on the sofa with a good book. It’s not that I’ve enjoyed having to stay home and forego most fun activities – I, like everyone else, really could have done without the global pandemic, thank you very much. But I coped OK. My temperament meant I was relatively well equipped to deal with lockdown, and for that I was grateful.

Then came November. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the holiday approaching. Maybe I finally spent too many hours working at the same table in my little studio. I started feeling restless and exhausted at the same time. I lost interest in daily activities. For a few days, I couldn’t put a finger on my malaise. Then, it hit me: in the words of Justin Bieber and the song he released in October, I was “so loOoOoOonely”.

This was an itch that Zoom drinks wouldn’t scratch. I craved spontaneity and authenticity. I craved the kind of conversation you lose yourself in. I craved connection.

Football news:

Rodgers on the draw with Everton: It was unlucky that Leicester did not score the second goal
Ancelotti on 1-1 with Leicester: I don't remember Hames scoring with a right before
Andrea Pirlo: In my 1st season at Juve, we were behind Milan, but we took the title. Everything depends on us
The judge made two mistakes. De Gea was pushed and there was no foul on our cancelled-out goal. Solskjaer on the loss to Sheffield
Maguire on the defeat to Sheffield Wednesday: We gave the opponent two goals, we didn't play at the level we expected
Wilder on registration in the Premier League: I don't want to talk about the beginning of an incredible rescue. We just want to show what we are worth
Ronald Koeman: Barcelona in a difficult month with an abundance of outings showed character and deserved their victories