Pop quiz, hotshot. Who is the only Liverpool player who scored their one goal for the Reds in a cup final?

The answer is Antonio Nunez, who scored a consolation goal in the League Cup final defeat to Chelsea in 2005.

There’s every chance younger supporters haven’t even heard of the Spanish winger, who made his Liverpool debut 17 years ago this week as a substitute when the Reds earned a memorable 2-1 win over defending champions Arsenal.

Nunez moved to Merseyside as part of the deal which saw Michael Owen join Real Madrid.

However, he wasn’t even the player the Reds had hoped to include in the trade, as Rafa Benitez later explained in his book, ‘Champions League Dreams’.

“I requested a young winger called Juanfran… but Real would not allow him to be released,” Benitez wrote.

“I asked my friends at the club if there were any other wingers we should be considering, and they recommended Antonio Nunez.”

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But if the Liverpool career of their new number 18 didn’t quite end as soon as it began, it certainly hit a significant immediate stumbling block.

Nunez was injured during his first training session and was subsequently unavailable for three months.

Yet despite being not able to secure his primary target, Benitez must have liked what he initially saw from the 25-year-old, as once he made his debut he was then involved for 14 consecutive matches, starting eight of them.

It might not be coincidence that the final game of his initial run was the infamous FA Cup defeat at Burnley but by then Nunez had at least played his part in a match of vital importance in the club’s history.

The 3-1 victory over Olympiakos in December 2004 was an essential stepping stone on the path which ultimately led to Istanbul, and Nunez found himself in the thick of the action.

He was arguably responsible for the Greek side taking the lead, as his movement in the defensive wall left a gap through which Rivaldo was able to score from a free-kick.

But the former Real Madrid man made up for it by playing a part in the Reds’ second goal, with his header being saved but pushed into the path of Neil Mellor who then scored.

It left Steven Gerrard to have his ‘oh you beauty’ moment which put Liverpool on their way to the knockout phase.

And despite Nunez’ role in the debacle at Turf Moor, his next start happened to be in the small matter of a Champions League quarter-final second leg match in Turin.

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His inclusion was part of a Benitez tactical masterstroke.

As well as setting his side up in their usual 4-2-3-1 formation before switching to 3-5-1-1 after a few minutes had elapsed to confuse Juventus, the Liverpool manager also selected Nunez and Igor Biscan for a very specific role.

The game was Xabi Alonso’s first after three months out with an ankle injury.

As Gerrard was unavailable, it was essential that Alonso played, but he was clearly not match fit at that point.

“Xabi would play deep, with Igor Biscan and Antonio Nunez acting almost as bodyguards, doing the running that he simply was not fit enough to do,” Benitez later explained.

“Their job was to feed him the ball; his was to play long, picking out the runs of Milan Baros.”

The plan may not have led to a vital away goal for the Reds, but the home side were restricted to very few chances and Liverpool advanced thanks to a goalless draw.

Nunez would go on to appear in an even bigger game three weeks later. His penultimate appearance for Liverpool was in the unforgettable semi-final win over Chelsea at Anfield.

He replaced the goal hero, Luis Garcia, after 84 minutes and played in Djibril Cisse for a late shot which was deflected just wide of the post.

Nunez had done what he had no doubt been asked to do, buying the Reds’ defence a precious period of rest from the relentless Chelsea pressure.

It was perhaps this brief cameo which earned him a spot on the bench in Istanbul, but he didn’t get on – there was never a lead to protect, for one thing – and he moved to Celta Vigo that summer.

However, according to Benitez, Nunez 'had fallen in love with the club and the city' and wanted to stay on Merseyside.

“Telling him that he was no longer required, over the phone, was particularly hard,” the current Everton manager later admitted.

But while it didn’t exactly work out for him in England, Antonio Nunez still found time to write himself into football trivia and Liverpool folklore.