A Liverpool bar is implementing a number of ‘extra measures’ to “ensure everyone feels safe” during a night out.

Crazy Pedro’s on Parr Street, which opened in 2017, shared a “public service announcement” this week after reports of spiking in clubs across the city.

A number of reports have surfaced over the last few weeks from women who believe they were spiked with injections.

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Following a number of social media posts claiming women have been spiked in clubs going viral, people were encouraged to boycott venues.

Now, Crazy Pedro’s has issued a message to clubbers to say it is introducing new measures such as drinks testing kits and additional training for staff to ensure everyone can “continue to have fun, safely.”

In a post to its official Instagram page, Crazy Pedro’s wrote: “Public Service Announcement. PLEASE READ.

“Many may be aware of the issues around the UK regarding safety of people and spiking in venues.

“We’re putting in extra measures alongside our current safety protocols to ensure everyone feels safe in a Crazy Pedro’s venue - these include;

- drinks testing kits will be made available for all

- additional training for all venue staff and security staff

- posters and information throughout the venue on what we can do

“This is an ongoing process - please work with us on this so everyone can get it right and we can all continue to have fun, safely.

“Feel free to contact any member of staff/management or email [email protected] with any issues throughout any venue and we will do everything we can to resolve and make sure our venues continue to be a safe place. Team Ped’s x”.

Fans of the bar were quick to praise the move as “brilliant” , with one person claiming the news is “comforting”.

They said: “Comforting to know venues such as yourself are taking extra measures to keep people safe, but also sad that this has to happen in the first place because of creeps”.

Another wrote: “Trust Peds to take the lead on security during this time - big love”.

A third added: “Great job” and a fourth said: “Love to see it”.

Crazy Pedro’s is open on Parr Street from 12pm - 10pm from Monday to Friday and 11am - 10pm Saturdays and Sundays.

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